Monday, January 24, 2011

Maniac Monday.

Todays just another one of those maniac mondays!

I spent the weekend visiting family and friends. I somehow somewhere managed to pick up a cold. My nose is running like a faucet and I can barely swallow. So i've been sipping water and had a popsicle for breakfast.

Pat and I were planning on getting married in Sept 2012. But I think were going to try and move it up to this Sept. I realized yesterday its really not that hard to plan our wedding. Call me crazy I know. Its really not. I left the bridal show yesterday realizing that the actual wedding, reception, food, booze, favors etc isnt the hard part... The Dress is.

So thats where I'm leaving you world. I'm going back to the freezer for another popsicle.

Monday, January 17, 2011

All that change.

Next to my washing machine I have an old dishwasher tabs bin. I've been throwing anything smaller then a quarter in it since April. Everytime I clean out pockets before a load of laundry all the small change goes in this container. I took my chunk o- change into a coin changer at the super store yesterday. Since April I accumlated $112. In dimes, nickeles and pennies.

I consider change very dirty and I actually hate handling money. It is quite frankly disgusting. So I have no problem to not waste my time rolling it. I'll pay the 10 cents on the dollar and walk away with my cash voucher for groceries 5 minutes later.

Yesterday I had an entire cart full of groceries that cost me my voucher and a whole 5$. Plus I picked up some cute stuff at the baby section for my fiends baby she had yesterday.

Todays my day off so look forward to a bunch of posts coming up!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Busy Day.

Today is my only day off this week! A busy day it was! So far the house is clean, i've batched cooked chilli and spaghetti sauce and packaged into meal size zip lock bags and frozen. Baked bannana bread for snacks this week. Cleaned out and organized the fridge and freezer took down the christmas lights outside that I can reach with out getting on the roof! Got caught up on laundry towels and clothing. Bedding still has to be done this week! Swept and mopped the floors and did some wedding searching online.

Plus made an awesome dinner!!!! Yummy tomato, mushroom bake with potatos and veggies!

Its been a long day, what did you do???

Friday, January 7, 2011

Hanson - MMMBop

MMM Bop.

I was surfing the net tonight looking for some wedding songs and you tubeing really old music.

I stumbled upon Hanson's MMM Bop

It was such a classic!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Becoming Mrs. Nelson

Well Blogger world.

Here goes.

Unveiling my first real about something focused, not just random thoughts blog.

Feel free to follow.

I'm hopeing that this blog is a chance for me to throw all my feelings to the world. Plus maybe connect with a few brides aswell.

Posts about my life will still continue to come up here. But all main wedding focused material will be taking place over there.

So everyone please wish me luck on becoming Mrs.Nelson.

Sunday, January 2, 2011


Well world. My vaction time is running out rather quickly. Christmas vacation you have been mucho grande too good to me. I feel myself wondering where you went.

I started off vacation doing a bit of running around getting some last minute groceries and various shopping done. I turned into a couch sitting movie watching, homemade cookie eating monster. I got engaged to the most wonderfull man I could have asked God for. I am truely blessed with a wonderfull Fiance! Lets face it the worlds blown away with my ring! I've gotten a few dirty looks from older women with how nice it is!!! Bahhhhhhh hahaha. We managed to spend Christmas with wonderfull family and friends.

Between Christmas and New Years we travelled to the far end of the province to purchase some cheap beer at costco. We stopped and over nighted in Cornwall to visit some close friends of Patricks from school. Roger and Julie! Julie is engaged as well so we spent the night swapping wedding ideas, looking at dresses and veils and whatnot online. Ahh wedding planning.

We then travelled onto Kingston, my second home and ment up with some very close friends of mine. Various visits all day and stop in with my favorite hair dresser. Yeahhhhhh new hair cut! Lunch, coffee and dinner with besties!!! We ended up going to lonestar for dinner! Yummmmy! Dwayne accompanied Katherine, Pat and I to dinner! So it was a giant catch up! I missed that girl SOOOO much! We got back to Peterborough not to late picked up the dog from Pats parents and headed home to pass out after a long couple days on the road. I managed to get sick shortly after, lose my voice and sounded like Mickey Mouse when I tried to talk.... The dog wouldant even take me seriously.

So Pat and I then became couch monsters. Cookie eating couch monsters. We've gone through almost all of the new dvds we got on boxing day, plus too many hours of crackdown 2 and donkey kong have been played.

New years came along and we had a night in filled with hours of board games. New years day allowed me to sleep in too late, clean the house up, have dinner at Pats Poppas and come home and have everyone over for the UFC fight. I realized I am no longer the big strong drinker I manged to be in college. No longer can I heavily drink for 2 days in a row. Correct DAYS. 3 PM on... Wine in the afternoon, vodka at night, stupid stupid me. The second night landed me in the bathroom regretting it in the middle of the night. My body was ANGRY at me.

Today dad dragged me all around town for my knowledge in tv's. No fun in the massive crowds. Apparently everyone had the same idea. I ended up finding Dad a tv at work on Rebate. Plus a new PS3. People... If your going to purchase a blu-ray player and you have teenage boys buy a PS3 insted.. They will love you!

Today was the last day of Pats vacation. He goes back to work tommorow. I go back Wednesday! Its been great having soooo much time off together. Makes up for all the over time he puts in during the summer. Hes off to set up the boatshow in Toronto this week. Hes driving wide loads down the DVP to the energy centre for the show. Plus repping there when its set up. Hopefully he can get home for a few nights. My brother is also repping for Hastings Marine at the boat show! Say hi to him and Pat if you make it there!

Well world me and the swollen glads in my throat are off to the couch to curl up and continue watching Wall-e on Disney tonight!

To everyone going back to work tommorow. Good luck, wish me luck Wednesday!