Monday, December 28, 2009

New car!

So I'm very excited about the new car I got about a month before Christmas! Its used but in fantastic condition with low mileage as it was only driven in the summer fall! Patrick got me a car starter for it for Christmas! I ended up getting a seat warmer for it that I plug in on a door crasher deal at Canadian tire for 16 $!I'm so happy with it!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

House Hunting

Home buying for Patrick and I has become a must. We orginally ended up having an offer accepted on one home the deposit down and our mortgage approved but things just started to fall apart. We decided that this is a sign and have waited for something else to come along. Although the home was cute 2 bed room 2 bath it did have a smaller yard and a unfinished basement.

Last night at Patricks grandfathers christmas I learned how truely blessed we are. One of Patricks uncles works for a carpet company and we found out that any carpet we need he would look after gettting it for us and installing it. Patricks other uncle has a painting business although he does maninly commercial painting he did agree to help us paint!!! YES I am throughly excited!

We kind of put our home search on hold for christmas! Now its 2 days after and were back looking!

Requirements. (Wishlist)

Close to Peterborough/ Bridgenorth anywhere in the city just not downtown.
200 AMP Service
2-3 bedrooms
1 hopefully 2 bathrooms.
Longer Driveway for both our cars and company
Fenced yard hopefully
Larger lot for the dog
Semi updated.
We want something that we can move into.
We dont mind living amongst renovations but we would like something that is semi complete.
I've had experience building homes between building dads from the ground up and helping with Krista and Adams!
Appliances coming with it would be a bonus but not a deal breaker.
Some hardwood would be great!
Newer roof and windows!
A basement with livable space with both have large families and would love to be able to have everyone over.

Were looking for a starter home something that would be able to do us for maybe 5-7 years. Somthing that we can put a bit of TLC into over the years and be able to easily resell down the road.

We will keep looking. Its out there somewhere!

Christmas Day

Well I had orginally planned on posting this late Christmas day before I went to bed. Well that went out the window.

Christmas day has always been extremly hetic for me. Christmas eve ended wtih Patricks grandma falling and heading to PRHC the local hospital. I had no idea I was long since asleep.

Christmas morning

6:00 AM @ the Nelson Homested.

Wake up make coffee get the dogs outside and back in open presents. The Nelsons were more then happy with thier presents I got Patricks parents a rather large gift certificate to Chemong Lodge. Mike this fantastic work jacket and Andrew a sweater and 2 funky tshirts that were both on sale. Patrick was a whole other story. I spoiled him like no other. An electric shaver Which was on rebate at work so I did end up saving 35$ on this but it was regular a 150$ . The family guy series box set... Not just the season a SERIES! complete with poker and ping pong set! $96.99... a splurg for me. A fantastic roots sweater! 40$ Carhartt work pants for him he really liked the other set he got and I dont think he really had any idea he was getting them. 75$ Long underware top and bottom 40$. My man has to stay warm at work! That was it for him! Total =$367!

Patrick was extremly thoughtfull this Christmas! He got me an Remote car starter for my new car! YES!!!! Big time score! I was so excited the best part is ... It was all ready installed on my car! His mom had taken my car into Future shop to get it installed when we had went to Vaughen Mills shopping I knew something fishy was up that day! AND!!!!! my Diamond ring!!!! Yes yes I said it I got my first diamond ring from Patrick! Its absolutely stunnning I cried when I opened it. Its white gold set in a hercules knot with the Diamond nestled in the middle! He even ordered it sized so I can wear it immediately! I was worried about wearing it to work and knocking the dismond out when I banged my hands which I do constantly. Patrick thought far enough ahead that he wanted me to always be able to wear it so he took out a policy on the diamond I have to go back every 6 months and have them sign on that the posts are tight on it and the diamond is still set in it!!! I wanted to clarfiy that that is not an engagement ring or a promise ring just simply a ring for me from him! :) We think the whole promise ring thing is stupid!

His parents got me a ring from curve lake that matches my other rings the blue turquoise! WOW His brothers got me gift certificates!

8:00 AM on the road!

Were on the road to my dads for Christmas number 2 by now we've had 1 christmas down showered had toast and coffee and are pulling out of the driveway! We only met a handfull of cars between Peterborough and Hastings! No ones out travelling that early! Arrived and had our second christmas. We took my car for this trip the trunk and back seat was packed with presents and bags with each stocking and extra socks and nuts lol!

We safely arrived and made a few trips back and forth to bring everything in from the car and ended up opening stockings and presents!

Regarding stockings dad gave me some money to do them. But I ended up putting a lot of my own cash towards them! They were fantastic! Socks, Nuts either a toque or mitts. Shower gel and deoderant! Chocolate bars, gum, kinder surprise, worthers, guy lian chocolate, toblorones, halls, icy squares, pens! I wrapped the bigger things and each stocking I handed out in a shopping bag as they were so big and heavy! My family was blown away!! THANK YOU COSTCO for bulk everything!!! YES!

We hung out for a bit watching 4 deer outside and later on 2 more! It was completely fitting and soemthing out of a fairy tale! The fireplace was going, snowing, deer outside and drinking coffee!

Presents couldant sit upopened for long! We ended up swaping gifts. I ended up buying really thoughtfull gifts for everyone this year and I did do a lot of shopping around to get only the best prices and quality! For dad I ended up getting a Bushnell trail camera, a dockers pj set, polo from marks work wear house, rough dress long sleeve shirts, a Shrek movie which he loves!
James I got a bluetooth set, Billa Bong sweater, Rough Dress long slv shirts and a movie!
David ended up opening tea towels first as he does dishes at home. We all thought this was hilarious! Him not so much. I had picked these up months ago when they had gotten marked down at work! He ended up getting this fantastic NWFT hunting bag a billabong hoody, RD long slv shirt and die hard from us!

Our dogs all ended up with new collars and treats!

We ended up having a breakfast again hearding everyone back into my car and on the road to moms for christmas!

11:30 am arrival at moms for Christmas #3!

We ended up swapping gifts and having lunch this all in all went pretty fast! I got my mom her pjs and a gym bag.... So this bag I got it at marks work wear house ... the tag said that it was 49$ I absolutely loved all the compartments and strap and material I figured this bag would be perfect for either a carry on when mom travels or when shes cleaning to take from house to house with her! I got up to the till and it was marked down to ...... 10$ yes my biggest steal for christmas shopping!!

Mom got me a Kitchen Aid dutch oven RED yes! Exactly what I looked at work forever! How she guessed I will never know! Plus a housecoat! The Boys all got GAP vests!

Now we have this absolutely completely crazy tradition that christmas at my moms is kinda like Jesus Birthday party. It started when my paretns got seperated and kind of made the holidays easier when I was a kid somehow.... It is redic I know. But christmas wouldant be complete at moms with out lunch and birthday cake... Cause its Jesus birthday yah know! DQ ice creme cake! The best part stockings #2 in take home birthday bag treats! This essentially still gave mom a chance to do stockings.

Well back to Peterborough! Onwards to the Nelson Homsted again for Christmas #4!

2:30 Arrival at the Nelsons...

I thought I might have been abe to sneek a small nap before everyone was supposted to show up... No we return home at 2:30 everyone is allready there! Pats great grandmother, grandfather, Aunt, Uncle and 2 cousins... fairly quite but a nice light fun christmas! We had Dinner, swapped gifts and headed back to Hastings for Christmas #5.

5:00 Arrive at the Tweedie home!

We arrived by this point im exhasuted. The car is packed back full of Christmas presents, food and wine! My little cousin Rachelle isnt even a year but is the cutest thing. I visit her eveyweek so were VERY close! I walked in said he name and she crawled right over and pulled herslef up on my pant leg and reamined cuddle up with me for most of the next couple hours. Needless to say I curled up with my fav little cousin and a bottle of wine and we had a great time! We didnt eat until 7 and people were still eating in shifts until 830. That side of my family is HUGE! We end up eating so late as most of my uncles farm and have to shower and drive quite a distance over! We finally ended up doing presents! I ended up giving my cousin a gift certificate to bass pro and some bait! His favorite kind! Gary Yamoto lucky I picked one he dosant all ready have! He was pretty happy with his gift certificate hes going to get some new accs for his fishing boat!
I ended up with 35$ to a gas station PERFECT! I loved it!

9:30 PM departure on the way home!

Yes on the way home 5 christmas, 2 breakfast, 1 lunch and 2 dinners completed! The most exhausting day.... The only BONUS was this was the first year I wasant driving back to Kingston after this long day. Insted Patrick and I were headed home to Peterborough!

So a regular 25 min drive turned into a hour. Picture this freezing rain touching the gas at all and sliding we basically crawled all the way. Till we had to go uphill.... We ended up getting stuck trying to get up this hill. 4 ways on high beams horriable freezing rain sideways on the road almost in the ditch... great end to a night... You would think if you were a car coming up behind us that you might stop get out walk up and see how bad it was or lend a hand or try to turn around and find another way around this hill... NOT.... PASS US... Yes I said it... These idiots tried to pass us... Now there is 2 cars both side ways... yea great night... Anyway we got home safe and sound with a lot of rubber burned off Pats winter tires.. It was a great day just long...

Moral of the story... I cant wait to have kids.... The running around stops.... No more 5 chrismas in 1 day! Our families can come to us! We said it this year! No more once we have kids. Im assuming that is a few years away.... Hope you all had a wonderfull Christmas and that Santa was good to all of you!!!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve Day.

Well Christmas Eve day is upon us. Ive managed to not get much done but housework. Ive been up and going since 5:30 am which is a huge sleep in for me!

Well Laundry is done, christmas presents and stockings are packed up and ready to be delivered tommorow and carefully stored out of the way for company tonight!!! I tried to move the presents around so that there is enough room for everyone in the living room tonight. There is 4 Ginormous presents that were floating around the tree that I had to get pat to help me move into the hallway out of the road.... Air compressors im guessing... I just need to get into town with dad around 12:30 to pick up some last miniute things. As well as for our run to COSTCO!!! Ive managed to be in there everyday somehow since I left work for Christmas vacation! Well time to get out the door and into town! I finally dont have Patrick with me and can pick up his last present from Dad!!!

Just wondering if anyone knows whats in the little tiny box on the tree for me that ive been looking at for the last 2 weeks.....

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Tis the Season.

I remember as a young child my father would take us shopping and while at Lansdowne place we would look out over the railing and down onto the food court. My father would try teaching us worldly lessons about christmas and how the gifts are not the reasons behind it all.... Jesus is the reason for the season. The real gift.

I take time now during the holiday season when shopping to notice things.... The parents pulling thier children mindlessly through the malls... The children crying about dropping a mitten and the parents screaming not to cry and failing to take time to notice the real root cause. The older couples enjoying a tea or coffee in the comfy chairs through out the mall and food court. Smooth wrinkled hands clasped together. While both wearing matching plaid toques or cute hats with pins collected over generations.

Im looking forward to Christmas day. Mainly to see the looks on Patricks, both for our families faces when they open the gifts that I had carefully selected for all of them.

Im heading out today and tommorow (Christmas Eve) for my last miniute Christmas shopping with my father who never has time to go till the last minute. Im not afraid of the crowds or the lines. Im content and excited to go and people watch.

My remaining holiday checklist.

1. Gift for uncle Ken from dad... Most likely a TSC gift card for the famer!

2. Gift for cousin Sean from James. ... Planning on a Timmies travel mug and gift card... For the commutes to work in Toronto.

3. Gift baskets pick up tonight!!! Dad routinely every year for as long as I can remember has picked up gift baskets for all of his neighbours and for Garth. Its always exciting to travel home with a car and a truck load of these and to deliver them all over town. I know how much they cost and its scary to think whats been spent on them over the years.

4. LCBO stop. Bevvies for christmas eve... Im excited for christmas eve all the friends and family filling the Nelson homested. Not drinking on Christmas day working early boxing

5. Office Chair from work for Patricks father. He needs this desperately. We were afraid to bring one home any earlier in the event that A) it took up to much space! B) He guessed what it was!

6) Yummy treats from Costco. I plan on filling the cart with all sorts of cheeses crackers, meats and veggies! Not to mention all the yummy frozen pastries to bake on Christmas eve.

7) Pick up stockings from dad and fill them to take with us on Christmas day for the family and Patrick!

Thats all for now! Im waiting for Patrick to get home from his smorg lunch at the lodge with work! He was quite happy on the phone with his bonus and gifts from work!!!

First time.

So here goes..

My first blog.. Well I guess my true inspiration came from Julie and Julia. A heart warming touching movie. About how a women finds herself through blogging. And of course from country girl a friend who I may not keep in contact with but have known forever.

I'm assuming I will find my niche its out there somewhere. I'm not planning on blogging about personal finance or the weather or about meaningfull wholesome things.