Thursday, April 29, 2010

Its my saturday!

I had an excellent time paintballing yesterday we played for almost 4 hours. I have a welt on my arm thats huge!!!! Like 3x3. Hot and swollen!! I forgot that I had a birthday lunch today so I need to get up going and on my way!!!

Patrick left for work super early this morning!!! He was at work for 6am and didnt plan on bring home till super late my guess is sometime after midnight. Its a 3 hour drive in and out of the jobsite and he has another job on the way up. A railway to lay down and set. Thank god for overtime summers. My guess is he will get home sometime after midnight and be back to work for 6 or 7 again.

Anyway housework this morning, lunch with my girls and i'm attacking my flower beds this afternoon!!!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Thank God its Friday!

Well today is my Friday! I'm excited for a good weekend! Tommorow morning i'm planning on getting some laundry done and heading to my dads! THEN were going paintballing!!! Can you tell i'm a little excited?? Big time! I'm super excited to go! I've got my own gear (mask, goggles, helmet, Co2 Cannisters) I need to buy some paint though! I'm super excited!

Thursday is my big house day!!! I'm planning on redoing my flower beds at the back- well trying to I'm debating if its still too cold to put in anything other then some shrubs and larger plants.. I would like to turn the ground and turn some new soil and manure in. Plant my berry bushes and my great grans flowers. Do some cleaning and getting ready for the real weekend!

Monday, April 26, 2010

House warming hoedown..

We had such a good time!!!! Saturday couldant have been better!!! We had a great time Friday night, friends of ours were back in town a great backyard bbq! A perfect start to the weekend!

Saturday got off to a good start I worked in the morning and was out early at 10:00. I managed to get home showered, changed, the dog walked and ready to go and got a few candles lit and ready. We managed to get the tables, bar bbqs and everything ready!

It was truely wonderfull! We had such a good time! Dad and my brothers showed up and were a great help bbqing. My family showed up and was super excited to see the house! I think some of them maybe have been jealous :P

We had so many people! I was truly surpised that everyone came! My cousins who just got home from Greece even managed to make it, jetlagged and everything! My dad really surprised me with a chunk of cash to go towards our washer dryer!

I realized how truely blessed we are by my family. I ended up with a awesome assortment of gifts we never expected nor was the point of this bbq. Everyone chipped in on an awesome freezer that everyone brought some meat and filled part of it! Gift cards were great!!! Some awesome houseplants and hanging baskets! A Co2 detector! My aunt brought us a bunch of flowers she took out of her big flower beds. one plant is actually something my great gran first planted and was given to her when she moved out. An awesome berry bush, seed bags full of soil and old manure ready to start working my flower beds!!! I'm super excited to get started on them!!! Patrick and I were also given (on Thursday) an AWESOME quilt from my aunt! Its my second quilt from her! Its stunning! Completely matching our bedroom colors!

I'm glad she gave us the quilt before the housewarming as I cried and she knew I would. It was nice to have it displayed on the bed for everyone to see!!!

Anyway It was a day we feel truly blessed. Now to get thank you cards and send them out!!!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Country mouse in the city.

Patrick and I feel very country mouse in the city type thing. We are very relaxed very country very passive in the city! Mind you our city (Peterborough) is much smaller then that of Toronto! Our decorateing style is country very neutral and relaxed were very happy with all of the peices we managed to find :)

Back yard business

So this business of my backyard.

Yesterday I spent the afternoon clearing the brush in the backyard and along the fence line. Lets say my arms hurt after the cutting, splicing, piling, pulling, pushing!!! I am however quite proud of myself! The pile was redic it completely filled the back of my dads pick up and was pilled up super high!! It looks nice and clean and the yard looks bigger allready now that its not all overgrown! Now today i'm going to work in some new dirt in maybe some nice flowers and some red mulch! I'm very excited!!!!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Todays task!

Well i've been up and going for a few hours all ready! Thats a pretty good sleep in! By the time Patrick got home really late last night we got groceries at work stopped and chatted with some friends and picked up a couple of whoppers and went home. Took the dog for a quick walk, watched Sherlock Holmes (which seemed like a good movie but my mind wasant really in it** need to watch again). I was out like a light after.

Today has been productive! A little housework this morning broke down our mountain of cardboard for recycling and scooped up all the poop from the doggie! Cleaned the fridge!

I'm heading to my dads to try and find a tote i'm missing. Containing a ton of pictures, photo albums and picture frames. Lunch with him and then back to the city to pick up recycling bins, flour, chocolate chips time to do some baking tonight!!! Maybe to craft works and home outfitters??

Tonight Patrick and I get to hang up some shelves and prints :):):)

PUMPED today will be much better!!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Horriable No Good Very Bad Day.

Any babysitters club book readers out there? Or any babysitters little sister club readers? In the little sisters club books when Karen is having a bad day she is given a book! The horriable no good very bad day.

Well today My day started off amazing. Its tuesday my Friday I was looking forward to work zipping right by and starting my weekend off right. I received news that my friend went into labour and welcome her new son to the world. Congrats to Stacey and Eddie. It soon went downhill quickly from there. I worked my butt off today. I felt done wrong by some of my coworkers. For the sake of professionalism i'll leave it at that. Lets just say I cried.

Later on in the day I received word that the dragon boat team (that I blogged earlier about) was going to be selected by random draw. Lets say THIS BLOWS! BLOWS monkey chunks. I was all ready given a pledge sheet for the festival. To date I have currently raised 125$ in pledges. I'll be sending this in to the committee. But sadly I was not drawn out as a team member or as an alternate for the team. I believe in the cause so much! My grandmother passed away from cancer and this was my bit for her.

I'm not one to talk about my emotions but today was emotional for me. The end of my week I was tired I know. This just made everything worse. But I feel pretty sucky about the whole thing. If it was just something for I was doing for the heck of it I would be fine with it but quite frankly i'm not. I actually care!!! I actually CARE CARE CARE! I'm donating my time to the international festival to help serve dinner and the bar aswell as a city host! This quite frankly blows monkey chunks.

Last year I donated countless hours spent at work on my time off raising money standing at the door asking for pledges to our team! HOURS each day and on my days off after I was punched out! I was even given 2 dozen pink roses (think breast cancer) and a thank you letter for all my hardwork and dedication!

Anyway, Maybe the Hespano Suizza boat has room for me (they were looking for 8 paddlers!) So all tears and emotions aside now.

Head up, stop the pity party, i'm better then all that!

and as always,


Monday, April 12, 2010

Meal Plan Monday

I recently purchased a copy of Campbells recipe collection. I always cook with Campbells soup so I am very happy with this cook book.

Monday- Chicken bake- In the oven right now I have a chicken bake cooking! Yummy! If it tastes as good as it looks and smells Patrick and I will be very happy and full tonight!

Tuesday- Taco tuesday! Mmmmmm beef tacos and mexican rice! Yummy!

Wednesday- Pulled pork sanwiches and potatos.

Thursday- Shepards pie.

Friday- Roasted chicken thighes in honey garlic! Slow roasted in the oven all afternoon.

Need to make a shopping list and hit the grocery store!!!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Weekend to do list!

So on a Chilly friday afternoon I decided to compile my weekend to do list!

1) WORK! (Saturday & Sunday)
2) Assemble futon with Patrick and Mike
3) Cook 2 fantastic dinners
4) Bake a dessert to take to dinner at the Nelsons on Sunday.
5) Walk the dog! (More then 3 times a day!)
6) Pick up some random spices! Its one thing I keep forgetting each time I hit the grocery store!
7) Clean! My furniture needs some murphys oil and some pledging!
8) Put up shelving units and picture frames!
9) Shop! We need a mirror for the bottom of the stairs. A full length mirror for in the bedroom behind the door and some hanging hooks for the bathroom door!
10) Add Peterborough Utilities and Cable as payees on the bank account.
11) Hit the pet store for some new doggie treats and maybe a new play toy for our puppy she was SOOOOO GREAT during the move!
12) Laundry! We need to do laundry horriably! I keep waiting to find on Kjiji for cheap but so far nothing has come along. (The house was sold with out the washer dryer as it was a wedding present!)
13) Get all my knick knacks from my mothers and get them set up in my new library!
14) Get prepared for meal plan monday! Starting Monday and plan out our weeks menu!
15) Grocery shop... I think I need to do a big shop all at once and just get it done tommorow after work!

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Mortgage money..

After the last few months of searching for a home going the the offer process multiple times. Mortgage approval, home insurance, legal aspects.

I felt compelled to write this blog. After a couple years of paying off school, buying a new car and saving for a new home Patrick and I felt financially stable enough to go ahead and purchase a home. We both have completely stable full time jobs.

I know a couple who just put an offer on thier first home with a price tag of almost 300 000$.

They were completely amazed at the process and litterly had no idea what they were getting into. When I mentioned that we had just dropped off 18000$ at the lawyers plus a 1000$ deposit plus plus plus plus.

I just cant get over at how unprepared people are for this process. It just completely blows my mind.

Family night!!

I had such a great time last tuesday! My dad came into town to help me pick up my library from work!! It was a heavy lift.... 20/20 hindsight would have been to load it into the truck with the forklift. Anyway after getting it home and into the house. It was time for dinner. My dad, David, Patrick and I settled into an evening of pizza and a transformers movie and some DQ ice creme cake. Yummy! It was an abolutely great night!

Today James is coming over for lunch! He should be here soon! I cant wait for him to see the house!!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Home is where the Heart is.

A house is built with boards and beams and home is built with love and dreams.

I'm finished work for the day. I just finished watching a walk to remember. I'm cuddled up with my quilt my aunt and cousin made me with a cup of tea. I just realized our house is starting to feel like home. All the work we put into picking out all the perfect accent peices.

At work months ago there was an absolute beautiful bookcase. I was completely in love with it but not willing to offer up the 600$ price tag. Today in the steel they managed to find THEE Library bookcase! Its a bookcase with glass doors. Formally called a library. I'm completely in love with it. The best part is ITS MINE! I ended up with the bookcase for 226$ with Tax. Yah me! They wanted to get it out of inventory. I am actually super excited to bring this home tonight. It wasant going to fit in my little accent! Its a super cute peice! I never thought I would own this awesome peice of furniture!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Carrie Underwood.

Did anyone drive past the Fisher farm this weekend. Patricks parents live just down the road from Mike Fisher from the Ottawa Senators parents. The Fisher family farm was PACKED on Sunday. More cars then I have ever EVER EVER seen there. My guess is that Mike and Carrie were in town and everyone, even those who wanted to skip Easter dinner were in attendance at the Easter dinner at the Fisher farm.


Its been much to long since my last post. So much has happened since then. Our house has closed we've settled in nicely in the last few days and its really starting to feel like home our little nest. We had a awesome Easter weekend and had a great time with family and friends moving and having dinner together! Our biggest purchase for our home was a really nice TV tonight! Its absolutely HUGE! It looks fantastic. Patricks friends all seem a little jealous of it ;)! Anyway quick post