Monday, September 27, 2010

Have you stepped off the pavement lately?

Well I got a call today from a friend of a friend. We dont hang out that often and were not invited to his wedding but his wife to be is a little demanding. This morning I got a phone call from her demanding that we deliver and give her a 100 square bales for her wedding next summer.. REALLY??? Seriously ? Get real. We pay people to put hay in the barn. Not take it and give it away for free, muchless deliver. I explained that my dads hay was all in round bales and not going to serve the purpose she desired. Being a city girl she had no concept of a round vs square bale.

Let me tell you sweetheart dont get all sassy with me. You a pampered city princess and have no concept of country living muchless farming. PS thanks for interupting my morning coffee on the porch, but you did provide with some stupidity to laugh at.

Have you stepped off the pavement lately?

God, do you hear this girl rambling?

Dear God I was just wondering if you hear this girl rambling?

I tend to ramble. I find my blog posts have no real point sometimes. Kinda like this one. I need to find time to properally sit down and write and be focused. I've been doing a lot of reading lately. (Books, cookbooks, recipes, magazines and well of course BLOGS)!

I have ideas for posts I just would rather read and do things around the house then sit down and write!

But for now I shall try. This weekend was a blast. Friday I made a big dinner. The guys had a night to pick out ties and vests for the wedding coming up. They all cam back to the house for dinner after! A huge roast beef, mashed potatos, ginger carrots, mixed veggies! Plus yummy moose tracks ice creme for dinner the guys fav of course! All that stick to your ribs goodness!

Saturday I worked and ended up heading to our friends house for UFC fight night. Absolutely great. I'm not a huge UFC fan but I do have a favorite fighter. Chris Lights out Lytle. He won so it kinda made my night! Sunday Patrick and I cuddled in bed, did some laundry and made pancakes and watched some cartoons. It was a fantastic morning! I went to a bridal shower and over to Mike and Tonyas for dinner! mmmmmm ribs mmmm... Yummy!

I had a plan to kinda clean out my freezer and pantry and cooked a lot of things I had and managed to buy groceries on friday insted of Monday. I did pretty well. I'm lucky that I buy beef, chicken, pork etc in bulk. Once a month I have a larger grocery bill say close to 160$ and I can get by the rest of the weeks on say 30$ for produce. Patrick and I eat quite healthy :).

Norwood far is coming in quick and I still have a few loose ends to finish up. I have a huge long mental list my aunt and I are working on! Plus I need to test out a new Chilli recipe. On the Friday before the fair its go go go go all day long untill everything is done and ready for Saturday! We have a big lunch for all the directors, judges and volunteers. The weather this day is most often rainy. Insted of the 1 sunny Friday I can remember in the last 5 years. Rainy cold days = more food. The guys are stuck outside working in the rain which means more food to feed the fire. I signed up to make a few loafs of sandwiches but if its even cold i'm going to bring a pot of Chilli. There is never enough food when its cold.

Tonight i'm making Tacos for dinner its one of Patrick and my favorite meals. They have also become a big time home run with our friends. Ray is actually driving down from Orilla tonight for taco night! I'm loved lol. So my house will be crammed with the guys again tonight for taco night!

*G* G is back in town after a long drive home from the west coast the boy drove by himself for days to get here. So G is just roaming from house to house, his parents, Mike and Tonyas and ours. Having *G* at the house for a few nights every week while he is home is nothing new. Were happy to have *G* home for the next month while everyone prepares for the wedding and thanksgiving. If *G* is silly enough to stay at our house before the fair that boy is going to be put to work with my uncle at the fair!

Anyway, thats all I have for now. I'll be heading to the mall soon. Plus I need to drop off some dry cleaning. I've been practicing no spend for awhile. No spend with the exception of gas and groceries! I've done really well~~~ So maybe its time to spoil myself. A MDD CD is calling my name. Maybe a bit of shopping. Jeans and maybe a cute sweater fall is here!!!!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

2 days on the couch.

Well world. I had a fantastic weekend with my girls! I worked Saturday and then drove to Barrie by myself for a bachlorette party. Some of the girls there were pregnant so it was pretty tame. Games at the hotel and dinner!

We picked up the Jeep thursday night and I absolutely love it! Its soooo nice.

I've spent the last few days on the couch I wont lie I feel like garbage. I'm sure work wasant impressed with me calling in the last 2 days. But I wasant going in I feel like trash.

Anyway. I dont really have much new I have a whole bunch of ideas for blogs to come up but I just have no energy right now. I'm just going back to the couch till Pat gets home from work.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Thanks well no thanks bible thumpers.

Well For god so loved the world he gave us bible thumpers. Before I undergo quite a bit of critism I do believe in god and go to church, but I would never do this.

I went to Barrie last weekend for a bachlorette party. In the morning after we checked out of the hotel I went downstairs to find someone had taped a bible verse onto my trunk lid. Not with just some plain old scotch tape or painters tape .... BUT.... With.... BOX TAPE! errrgh God give me the strength not to murder the poor bible thumper that did this. Not even a little sliver of tape but a good 3 X 1 inch slice of tape. so I managed to rip the paper off and let the tape stay on untill Pat and I could figure out how to get the tape off without peeling the paint.

Anyway its off. A little discolored but not missing any paint. We poured water over it in the morning sun and let it get moist and warm and peeled it off on a 45 degree angle.

Happy Monday!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

What I love right now.

There is some things in life that I can be truely thankfull for.

* My dog and how darned cute she is. *** She killed a black squirrel today :) I've never been so proud!***
* Laundry warm from the dryer. Nothing better then that feeling.
* My love to cook and bake. Now that my shifts have changed i'm cooking up a storm! Thanks for your touch Grandma and Dad
* Thanksgiving* I love our hometown fair! It happens that weekend and I love being able to take such a lead in the school fair. Maybe in the next couple years i'll be feeling confident enough to run for vice president and president the year following, Maybe? Advice?
* Our home* Patrick and I have never had such a solid relationship till now. Real love takes work and making a house a home and doing the work and up keep on it has taught us a lot.
* Patrick* I've never met a man so driven as he is. How smart and how kind he is. I almost fell over the other night when the dishwasher is empty. You learn to appreciate the small things.
* Fresh cut flowers* We have some fantastic looking flowers in at work right now that are calling for a spot in my living room.
* Flannel Pj's.* They might not be the cutest sexy thing. BUT they are the most comfy warm thing to wear now that the fall cool nights are here
* Heating Blanket* I purchased a heating blanket the other night that I am excited about. I've always been afraid of fire. But for the few mins just to warm up the bed before I climb in! I'm pumped!

Well thats all I have for the night.


WOW I just signed back into my account after not reading for a few days. I consider myself to follow a lot of blogs and websites. I feel like I have soooo much to read to get caught up. I've been reading for the last 20 mins and i'm vowing to read no more till after dinner and the house work is caught up.

Blogs coming up about:

What I love.
How I plan to cut heating costs this winter.
Jeep Update.
Fair planning and taking a lead?
Girl Guides.
Meal planning and grocery shopping.
Home decorating.
Safety week recap.
Baking. My grandmothers touch?

Monday, September 13, 2010

Mental list Monday.

I have a huge list of things to do running through my head. I've been trying to cross things off since last Friday and I forgot to do some major things somehow... My 20 min nap turned into a 3 hour nap so I slept the afternoon away insted of getting things done! :(

Car List:

Take one last drive by JJ stewarts and make sure they didnt get anything in that isnt on the website yet.
Call statefarm and have me added onto Pats insurance. Get a new quote for me for the car as a Primary driver and Pat as a Primary driver on the Jeep were looking at.
Call my insurance company and cancel my policy as soon as statefarm is good to go.
Possiably go ahead and add on insurance for the jeep.*** take a look at extra life insurance for me through statefarm.
Drive to the dealer in the city and drive the Jeep.
Get carfax.
Decide what to do regarding plates and whos name of put the vehicles in. Research the cost of transfering ownership and changeing plates between Patrick and I.

House List:

Pull prokchops out for dinner tonight.
Run a load in the dishwasher.
Run a load of laundry.
Fold 3 loads of laundry.
Hand wash all the pots.
Finish cleaning the bathroom. Its sprayed down allready.
Get the living room clean. I have it torn right apart.
Complete all the fileing. * I have Septembers bills and papers all to be filed.
Organize basement. Patrick and I just kinda threw all of our summer stuff down there.
Run extra beads of of caulking around vents on roof before winter.
Use Scotts wintergreen turfbuilder for the lawn.
Put lawn chairs away for winter. Move Comfy Adirondack chairs to front porch.
Unpack heating blankets to get ready for winter.*** I refuse to turn the heat on untill its really cold. I can leave a heating blanket on for a minute or turn the heat on for 20 untill the house warms up! The heating blanket I think is the best bet!


Meet dad for lunch!
Pick up a few groceries. We just need a few bags of treats! I'm thinking potato chips :)
Find a new dog collar! We changed Bandits food and shes thinned out and needs a smaller collar.
Stop by the spca and see what dogs (hopefully puppies) are in!

Okay now that I have my mind somewhat organized and my phone has rang 3 times while writing this. I think i'm going to finish getting ready and head out and start crossing things off my list!

Jeep Grand Cherokee

Well, after all the stolen car trouble Patrick and I have managed to find something we like. Its up in Scarborough on a little tiny car lot. We drove up 2 days ago to go see and and were going back tonight with Patricks dad of course!

I've planned lunch with dad today i'm excited to go visit him!

I have a big mental list of things to go today!! I think its time to get cracking on it!!!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Scatterbrained day.

Well today wasant a bad day at all. Although I woke up feeling like I had a major cold. I was able to get through the day. I have a bit of a headache now but I think I just need some sleep. FYI Aleve now makes a cold and sinus if anyone needs or is intrested.

I've started doing a little better of a shift. A 6-2:30PM shift. Insted of 4-12:30PM. It gives me a bit more sleep and lets me stay up a bit later at night. I like it. Pat can drive me to work too until I get another car.

Tonight my dad and brother came over for dinner. We had Tacos. I wont lie it was pretty yummy and a nice change.

We eneded up getting a new cell phone for Pat. He has a cell for work his shop phone. Now he has a better phone for personal use. Hes pretty happy with it. He had a store credit on his new phone so I ended up getting a skin for my blackberry on sale that fits in my other holder which I am pretty excited about!

My no spend grocery week I all ready blew. I ended up getting eggs, milk, creme, bread, butter and a bag of ketchup chips.

Meal plans this week = a lot of soup, salad, sandwiches, pasta, etc. I plan on trying to use up some of my pantry and freezer. I plan on making some bread this week both zucchini and bannana. I've been saying since the start of August I was going to make peach jam, I really need to get on that. I plan on making salsa and Bruschetta too this summer before its end.

Norwood fair is ramping up! I have another meeting next Tuesday! I might bring some bread for everyone as a treat!

Several of my friends have babies on the way. Thats not really my style right now but I am super happy for them.

Anyway, I'm off to bed. Tommorow is going to be a long day I plan on hitting a few dealerships and seeing what I can find. :) Wish me luck.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Labour day!

Well my cousins wedding was yesterday! No detail was over looked at all. Not 1 single thing. Theres too much to blog about today I might do a full out post about it at some point. Today I wont lie. I'm tired and just laying around trying to stay warm its freezing outside!!!

Pat leaves on a big work trip this week hes gone for a few days. My goal is.... to try and use up things in the freezer while he is away this week. I will not buy groceries other then Milk, eggs and bread. I have huge pantry and freezer stores I plan on trying to use.

We are looking for another vehicle right now. So far nothing. We might go see a used Jeep before he leaves for a work trip. BUT the new 2011 Jeeps are well amazing the options on them make me want one very badly. :( The payments for it isnt the hard part its the insurance :(

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Written Off

Well folks the car is to be written off. I can expect my cheque next week and can start shopping soon. :)