Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Creating the perfect stocking

Last year I had the honour again of creating everyones stockings.

This year Pat and I are doing each others. Allthough I am sure Dad will con me into doing thiers.

Christmas stockings are a fine art and in my opinion the best part of Christmas. They have to be perfectly stuffed, items wrapped and have the perfect combination of toys, treats, candy, nuts and fruit and larger gifts for the individual.

I'm starting to make a list of what all I am going to go in search of this year for Pats stocking.

Individual wrapped chocolates
Tin of nuts.
Batman Kindersurprise
DVD-Milo and Otis* It's an old classic.
Small flashlight
Package of drill bits
8 in 1 Rachet set. (This is quite possiably the coolest rachet I have ever seen.
Fat Max Tape Measure
Lottery tickets
Car Wash tickets
Razor blades
Spare winter mittens for the car.

Anyway just some starter ideas. I usually stop at the dollar store and add some extra things in.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Santa Clause Parade!

I just had a fantastic night! Pat and I went out to a chingy restaurant with my dad, brother and aunt and uncle. My cousin and her little girl joined us at the end as we waited for the Santa Clause Parade.

I really remembered tonight the excitment and joy of christmas as a child! Rachelle for most of the parade stayed in my arms on my hip. We danced to the music and collected WAAAAY too much candy!! Her grandpa got to hold her for the tail end! But I cant believe she stayed with me for so long! Like almost a half hour!! We had a ton of fun!

I cant wait to one day have a little one as cute and as excited as she was!! I think I am truely in the christmas spirit after being able to share that experience with her!

It was a great night with the music, bands, and all the christmas lights!

Fuel pump.

So this morning I was on my way to work when my car started to Rev up and down up and down. Not cool. I lost power and pulled to the side of the road. (This used to be Pats old car). He drives the jeep and I only run back and forth to work in the car.

So I called work to let them know I would be late. Called Pat to come get me. Then a guy I know pulled over as he saw me stopped and he had just dropped his gf off at work aswell.

I took CAA off me and left it on Patrick for any of our long drives... Were always together. I didnt end up useing it today. Ennismore Towing sponsers our familys race car and they came out and pick up my car for free!!! SCORE!

Pat and his dad figured out that my fuel pump has bit the dust. SO i'm looking anywhere between free- 300$ for a new fuel pump... Hopefully we can get this fixed without costing me anything. Also i'm getting my winter tires put on tommorow so once I get back on the road i'll be safe and sound.

I'm counting my lucky stars that Pat and his dad are SOOOOO car savvvy. Lucky me. Anyway if I get this fuel pump for free and it works i'll hopefully be back on the road for Tuesday! Lucky today was my Friday and its now my weekend!!!

Enjoy your weekend folks. Get out those To-do lists and start crossing things off!! I know with the holiday season coming everyone has a lot to do! Stay tuned for my holiday post!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

So I went to the Doctors.

Beware this post contains serious amounts of RANTING! Possiable swearing may arise!

SO today I had a doctors appt.

Let me start off by saying that I am not lucky enough to have a family doctor. My dads doctor used to see me when I was younger and suffering bad from a chest cold or something. But I dumped him.. I broke up with my doctor... It just wasant a comfortable relationship. I wasant comfy putting up my feet up in the stirrups in front of him! NO WAY!

So when a girl is desperate for a once a year physical we end up going to the health unit. So I book my once a year physical and show up early today. Showing up early to a health unit is a big mistake they are always running behind. ALWAYS.

So I check in, change my address and park my butt in an uncomfy plastic chair. Now when I was younger and go to the doctors my dad taught me to either play with the toys, read a magazine or book and to be QUIET! QUIET! Not talking loud and rudely with my feet up on the coffee table.

So I sit down. This girl (OMG) picture this Bleach bottle blonde grown out with foot of brown roots. Talking way to loudly to her friend next to her!

SO here I am sitting there silently thinking how annoying she is reading a post from my friends blog. WHEN. She starts talking... Quote "This is a sexual health clinic, I wonder what everyone is here for"? she continued on to ask everyone what they were they were there for. She turned to me and asked me if I have AIDS of all things. Seriously you little Bit*h? I could have killed her. I said nothing and continued to read. I'm sure steam was coming out of my ears. She continues to be super rude.

I finally had had enough. I politely asked her to either stop talking rudely or to be quiet. As well as to take her feet off the coffee table as she wasant at home. That didnt sit to well with her! Apparently this is a free country and she has the right to talk as well as put her feet up as they hurt. I didnt want to tell her I had been in steel toes for almost 10 hours working.

Anyway the nurse saved me right in time by calling my name. I think she may have saved me from laying her out on the floor. The mom that was obviously upset by her was shooting me the biggest smile the entire time I talked to this little rude girl.

So thats my rant. I know its spacey But I saved it part way through and just finished it!

Has anyone ever ment anyone so rude?

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


I guess I can officially say I have been bit by the Christmas bug. Normally in the past we just roll with what everyone else is doing for christmas.

This year we said NO. We have our own home! WE want to enjoy it!!! Together! The 2 of us!!!

SO insted of our usual get up at 4am and go till 1am Christmas day schedule. Its being revamped!

This year we are taking off the 4am wake up with Pats family christmas open presents dealio! Its being shifted over to christmas eve! This year we are having his family christmas at our house on christmas eve! Very excited! EAT DRINK and be MERRY! Plus my favorite part the Nelson christmas party! Traditionally on Christmas eve everyone gathers at Patricks parents house! This year we are hosting it! A night of watching chrismas specials on TV, and my favorite the SANTA TRACKER!!! Anyway its always a good time! Everyone drinks way to much and really enjoys the night! Were very excited to give Pats mom her gift!!! I couldant have done better in picking it out!

On Christmas day we plan on Sleeping in, opening presents and spending the early morning together! Wewill then be at my dads by 10 am for breakfast. Then onto my moms for lunch at 1. Then back to my dads shortly after to help get ready for the FAmily christmas he hosts!.

Normally we do stockings at my dads house but Pat and I are exchanging them christmas morning together!

What traditions does everyone have when it comes to stockings? Who does what, plans. price limits, ideas etc! I've been doing them for everyone for quite a few years but i'm very excited for this year!

Its just a little something about waking up in your own home together on Christmas morning! Can't wait!

Oakley Sunglasses.

So today I took a quick trip into the mall. Last week Pat and I were looking at sunglasses. Hes been drooling over a pair of Oakley sunglasses for a couple of months. Never have we forked out the cash for these sunglasses. I dont even think my regular glasses are worth that much!

Anyway I went back today to see them again and to possiably buy them. The price of them went up 40$. Not impressed. Like really not impressed. I kinda feel like all my thriftyness shot me in the foot. Anyway have I bought them ...no... Will I likely buy them.... Yes... Am I excited to fork out the extra cash no! Is it what he wants for christmas ? Yes. Now that we have the house together I would much rather buy each other exactly what we like rather then guessing. Although I wont tell him what I want.. Mainly because I dont know!

Proud of my man!

So Pat came home from work last night wanting to enroll in a night course at our local college for the winter. To explain about Patrick a little better hes a very quiet guys for those who dont know him. If you do, watch out hes loud and excentric! But very reserved towards those he dosant know.

Pat for next year is moving into a sr sales position with his company. It covers all the boat shows in Toronto, site visits for custom work, site visits for bids for contract work. Aswell as being in the office for a few hours a week for anyone that walks in loooking for information! Hes very very excited about it.

He wants to enroll in a night course just to get learning again and really excerise his brain. I'm leaning towards a leadership and public speaking course. Hes looking towards something thats specialized in his field.

Needless to say this new position brings a better pay scale, salary and commision in regards to what he can sell. Very excited. Way to be Patrick!

Now i'm just looking to land a management position and we can put a real dent in paying off this mortgage!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

LED Christmas lights.

I know the world has shifted from the old breakable energy sucking christmas lights to the LED lights. But part of me just cant stand the LED lights. They have a fakey plasticy dim light look to it. Not like a bright christmas lights i'm used to seeing from my childhood.

Any suggestions? I havant found anything I like, in my hunt for outdoor christmas lights.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Being cheap ?

Today I got called cheap...

I dont consider myself cheap. Just smart, thrify, conservative. I dont throw money around. I buy only what I need. Or what I want in this first year of being a homeowner.... Theres a lot of things I dont have that people who either rent or live at home allready have. IE: Christmas decorations.


You dont get rich by spending money.
But apparently I can buy at house at 23 by being cheap.

What do you consider your spending habits to be ? Are you cheap ?

New steel toes.

Once a year my company pays for me to get some new footwear. Tonight I headed down to Marks and picked up a new pair of steel toes. While some point head to work in high heels I head to work in steel toes that protect my lovely feet!

I managed to get a pair of warehouseing steel toes which are designed for people who specfically work on concrete! One of the girls I work with has the boots I got tonight and she has said repeatly that they are awesome.

So my boots were orginally over 200$ but they were on sale then with my corporate discount it brought them under my limit for my new boots. SWEEEEEEET! So I managed to get them for free even with taxes. I was willing to pay the differance from the start but it was my lucky day!

The concrete floor is an absolute killer! On halloween I wore a Dorthey from the wizzard of Oz costume. After 8 hours on a concrete floor in my high high heels! (Ruby slippers). I was limping out to the Jeep. So I am totally thankfull to be able to save my feet, legs and back with these new boots! :)

How does something so simple make me so happy ?

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Horriable drivers. **Must read**

Beware this post contains some serious ranting...

I usually consider myself to be pretty reserved. BUT not today on the road. Today I was followed by a driver. An ethnic driver. So I pull up to a red light and look in the rearview. What do I see behind me.... This guy doing the side to side head slide with 2 earbuds in. Singing his little heart out. Kinda like how I pretend i'm Carrie Underwood or something singing my heart out in the shower head sliding getting that conditioner out.

Light turns green he follows me to the next light. Were both in the left turn lane. He then confirms it is in fact an Ipod as he has it up changing songs with both hands on his steering wheel. We sit at this light and he follows me to the next. Its red and were sitting side by side. Wont lie i'm fuming angry.

So I prompt the guy to roll down his window and he does. So I yell can you hear me? He puts up the 1 second I cant hear you finger and takes out his earbuds. Lights still red and geen the other way. So I politely asked him to leave them out so he can hear. Thus not causeing an accident and being aware. He yells its okay I can hear sirens. SERIOUSLY ?????? My composed self went right out that open window.

I stopped myself from getting out of the car and yelling at him, yanking those earbuds from his hands, and repeatly backing over them.

Honestly. All I can think is you dumb F**K!!! People like this should not be able to drive. I got most of his license plate except for the last number i'm not sure if it was an 8 or a 2. I plan on calling this in tommorow when I can calmed down a bit.

Yes I admit I was wrong when I rolled down the window. But i'd never been so angry. This is the second person i've ment that thought driving with earbuds in is ok!!!!

My question to you is.... Has anyone seen this before ? How did you react? How did you feel? Would you have rolled down your window ??

Now I can see how people suffer from road rage.
End rant.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Ever been asked for a favor ?

Just wondering ? Anyone out there ever been asked for a favor that they didn't want to help out ?

I got asked to cash in a favor for someone the other day. Employment wise. I have done a lot of thinking about it over the weekend. Its a long story and I do feel bad for the couple and what they are going through right now. Long story lost job and christmas is coming. Needs work.

I have a lot of contacts at work, i've done a lot of networking over the last couple years. But part of me still feels like something isnt right. Like i'm streching out my neck for this person and what if something happens and it dosant work out either way ?

Anyway i'm going to see what I can do to help this couple out. I figure after the awesome day I had on Saturday at work I might be able to cash this one in for them.

Anyway i've decided to have a closed door conversation with someone and let them know whats going on. The person i'm going to go talk to is a very relaxed cool person. So he knows my work ethic and my goals like no other. I figure if I do the old they have asked me to bring this is and pass it on to you. Take a look. If it works out it works out. If not it dosant. I'm washing my hands out it...

I think thats what i'm going to do.

Wish me and my neck luck.

Capital One Blunder

Has anyone ever been so completly frustrated by outside marketing that they lost it ? Well I did the other day.

This post is kinda delayed but you can see in the end how it played out.
Also a warning. Be aware of CAPS. I'm a bit angry writing this post.

So a few week ago Pat and I received Capital 1 credit card applications in the mail along with one for both the people that had lived there before... Big marketing!

Then a week later we started to receive to each receive a telephone call a day each for 3 days. Each day we asked to be taken off the calling list. By the 6th call total from Capital 1. I snapped. She told me it would take 30 days to be removed from thier calling base. So I had the potential to receive 60 telephone calls from this company during the marketing blitz. This didnt sit well at all with me.

While talking to the agent during the call I found out that I actually had to call into capital 1 on a special hotline to be removed from the calling list. Something the other 5 times I had asked to be removed from the list had failed to mention. Katelyn became angry.

I called into this special hotline and talked to an agent. I asked to be immediately transfered to a supervisor. This was done. I gave this supervisor my name address and telephone number to be removed from the mailing and telephone list. I however wanted to take it one step further.

Why do I have to be harrased during this marketing blitz by a multi billion dollar corp that I have absolutely no ties too. I have NEVER ever had a a credit card with then. Nor do I ever plan too. EVER. I mean full out 60 telephone calls in 30 days harrasment. ANGRY KATE.

So I wont lie I flew off the handle to a manager. Completely. I may have fudged the truth a lot but it was worth it in the end. I explained to this manager that I worked shift work. 12 midnight to 12 am. I never saw my husband and cooked for us by a crock pot. All I wanted to know was why this super company needed 30 days to take me out of thier system ??? WHY ???? A store can run an EOD end of day. Updateing all sales information, and gathered information such as this.

The supervisor then continued to say that the system they had in place was multiple systems and some only updated yada yada yada yada yada. Nothing of real importance. THEN I explained that I was a police offier after I had the supervisor name and employee number and that I would personally charge her and the company with harrasemnt should they contact me after this Monday November 15th. Since last week I had no telephone calls after this telephone call.

So I lied. But I was angry and you can charge them with harrasment. Anyway I havant heard anything from them and I think it was well worth the 45 mins on the phone.

If anyone else is struggling with this corporation tell them to stick it where the sun done shine... I did.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Christmas * Deck the halls.

Well world I am a consumer.

Today I started Christmas shopping.

I purchased 2 christmas stockings, 3 fat moose absolutely the cutest thing. A package of teddy bear christmas tree ornaments. 2 packs of holiday chair covers I now have Mr & Mrs Clause a snowman and a reindeer covering our kitchen chairs.

To buy:

Christmas presents I so far have 2. I have a list done but am re-considering the watches.
A big list of christmas presents.

Christmas tree
Christmas ornaments
Wrapping paper, bows, tags.
Outside lights.
Angel or a star for the tree. I was thinking of trying to find a TY Bear thats an angel... I think it would be cute.
Garland, lights and ornaments for railing on the stairs.
I need to cut vines for the front porch. I want to do an old style swag of vines all wound together running all around the porch with white lights woven into it with some ribbon.
Outdoor lights for the christmas tree going on the porch. :)
Apparently McKnights has some amazing steal deals before christmas that I need to watch for. But I have allready gotten compliments on my decorations as I was leaving work with them. :)

Btw, Pat wasant too happy to come home and see the halls starting to be decked!!! :) But I was. Outdoor lights and tree dont go up untill December!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Today was a great day!

Today world was a great day.

I managed to get sooooo MUCH done around the house. I managed to do laundry all day. Between a huge stack of clothes to get folded and away I managed to get all the sheets, blankets and heavy winter quilts washed and folded up. All while in the comfort of my pjs. Also I threw a few movies on and kept checking up on the royal winter fair online viewing. Made for an awesome fall day. Complete with a croc pot of chili for dinner! Just found cheap gas and went and got both the Jeep and car gassed up.

Patrick has found a new way to pay for our gas each month. A couple of the guys on his way to work have asked him for a ride. He has made the system of 10 bucks a day paid a week in advance on the Friday. So every Friday the guys pay for the Monday to Friday of the next week. So far no problems. At 4 weeks a month with 2 guys paying its an extra 400$ a month for a trip he was already making in the first place. He may have to leave a few mins earlier but well worth it. So an extra 400$ a month i'm pumped our Gas or part of our mortgage is paid each month!!! Can you tell i'm excited.

I managed to get caught up on a massive amount of filing. I wont lie I wasant being a good girl. I was just piling up the last few months of bills. I finally sat down and filed away in order, cell bills, mortage, utilities, oil, paystubs, cable, receipts, credit cards, bank statements, insurance statements. It took the better end of an hour but I'm glad to have it all done.

I made a phone call into Capital one. Thats a post for tommorow. But I ended up very upset and threatening to press charges against them. Lets see if they call back tommorow.

Night world.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

A lazy Sunday!

This week has flown by so very quickly! This week has just had a lot going on. Between working driving North in the afternoon to get in a half days hunt.. Getting ready for the weekend work on the porch.

The deer hunt is going on now. So far i've put almost a 1000 km on the car driving up to the hunt camp in the afternoons to go hunting. I wont lie I havant seen much. Few does no bucks. Dad managed to get a spike buck so I guess were doing okay. I'm doing a ton of baking this afternoon to take into the guys. Bannana bread, cookies, muffins, brownies the stove has been on all day and most likely a good part into the night. I'd love to see if I can bang off some pies but Robin always bakes them each day for the guys.

The deck is in full swing. A lot of work is going on this weekend between Pat and his dad on the house. We have branches being trimmed off trees outside anything thats too close to the house. Getting ready for winter.

Christmas is Coming!!! After Remembrance day we are good to go!!!
I have a mental shopping list for Christmas in my head. Its time to write it down.I have some prices for some items some I cant remember.

A package of stockings from Costco. They are huge and felt. I absolutely love them!(1 @ 11.99)
2 packages of chair covers from Costco. A Mr and Mrs Clause. A Reindeer and a Snowman. They are possiably the cutest thing ever (2 @ 17.99 each.)
White and Blue Christmas lights for outside the house!
A chistmas tree! (Pat is allergic to real ones! Sucky but we deal!) I bought a half decent christmas tree for 1$ at the auction. I plan on putting it on our new Porch and decorating it on Dec 1st.
Christmas tree ornaments. I plan on doing our tree in a country theme to match our house. Pat and I believe that Christmas ornaments should be meaningfull. We have a total of 3 that we picked up in the last few years. Now its time to head out to crafts works and look for some!!!
We plan on putting blue and white LED christmas lights up outside. We plan on spending a day cleaning out the gutters and a day hanging lights and decorating the outside of the house! I'd like to find a nice "nice quilt looking pretty" tree skirt. I'm picky so this will be hard.

Anyway thats kinda what I have rolling around in my head right now.