Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Road trip.

Well Blogger world after my road trip across the province and back again in 2 days! I'm home! Look forward to a post alllllll about it! I was very excited to catch up with a ton of friends!!!

But I am entirely exhausted. Plus i'm sure i'm getting sick.Sore throat, achey all over, uh oh. My bed is calling my name and I plan on curling up with the heating blanket for the night!

Night blogger world.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Its official!

Well blogger world.

Its official! I'm well on my way to becoming Mrs. Nelson. Patrick and I are engaged!

Dum dum dum da dum. Plus I love my ring!!! Its an absolute BEAUTY!!!

Anyway. Maybe i'll start a blog at some point called my path to becoming Mrs. Nelson. We've spent the last 2 days dropping in on friends and family to tell them the news! Now we've kinda thrown it out on the internet (FB).

Anyway I'm heading to the couch for a little nap before our 5th meal this holiday season! Christmas is soooo tiring when you have BIG news to share!!!

Merry christmas Blogger world!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Feeling blessed.

Wow. Today has beem a day of complete ups and downs.

Today before I left work I found out that my vacation for next week may not be vacation at all. Apparently my supervisor read my time off request wrong... How I dont know. Days off, weeks vacation, days off. Apparently she just saw reg days off. Anyway after a few tears and feeling like I was going to throw up. We got it sorted out. She honored my request! Bad cry then good cry. Truthfully I just think I was waaay over tired.

My general manager came up just before I left and handed me a package. This package contained a gift certificate for Patrick and I to use during our vacation. Pat and and I will be able to enjoy a night out at this awesome steakhouse in town! I'm very excited to go out to a nice dinner. I felt very blessed by his words. Its great to know that my work dosant go by the wayside and he notices! :)

A girl I work with was in with her baby. Super super super cute. 2 days old and the most precious little girl you have ever seen. I must be extremly over tired as I started to cry again.

So tonight Pat and I settled into our vaction time together with a nice dinner at home. Our friends dropped by and someone asked what I was doing in my pjs at 6:30. Reaaaaally??? Its my house?!?!?!?!? I own it... If I want to sit here naked I will. Which is precisley what I told her. Stick it.

In terms of getting ready for Christmas... I still have a bit of running around to do tommorow.

A)Drop off timmies coffee to the team at work. (5am) They are pulling midnights and I wanted to do a little something special.
B)Get gas
C) Get groceries right when they open. I have my list made and I know exactly what I need.
D) Stop at LCBO and Beer store and pick up drinks for tonight.
E) Get home unpack groceries, get chilli in the slow cooker and do a final sweep and vac of the floors for dog hair!

F) Get dressed and enjoy christmas Eve with Pats family!! I'm very excited!

Merry Christmas Eve, eve.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


I just wanted to let you know how much I LOVE sales!

I scored a 3/4 length down filled jacket with hood for 22.97$ plus tax!! Its black in color and AWESOME!

It pays to be the savvy shopper!

Blogger Secret Santa.

Good afternoon blogger world.

Today I can home from work, picked up the mail and let the dog out. I was super excited to see that my blogger secret santa present had shown up. I put the present under the tree and let the dog in. The dog however would not leave this gift alone. I then remembered that I had told Ms. Smalls that I have a black lab. Hummmm could part of this present be for my pup. I think she knew it was. So after telling her to leave it alone it was clear that this gift was getting opened ASAP!

I'd love to thank Girl Makes Cents for the EPICALLY Awesome! She made these home made dog treats for my pup! She knew there was something in thier for her !! Lotion, Christmas candles and a 10$ tims card! Girl makes cents you totally outdid yourself! I can only hope my secret santa likes her present as much!

I wish I had my USB cable as I would post a photo of these homemade christmas treats for the pup!

I love that the blogging world gets smaller all the time!

Girl makes Cents thank you very much! I love it!!! I'm sure the dog will love it too but I'm waiting till christmas day to give her those special treats!!

Look forward to some other christmas posts.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Hockey gods forgive me.

I just got home from work and I'm zonked. Its Friday night and I should really be throwing on some snow pants and my vest and heading to the rink for a night of hockey... But forgive me. I've made chicken pot pie and I plan on curling up on the couch watching some movies with Pat. All I can think is Father forgive me for I have sinned... The hockey gods must not be too happy with me right now.

On the plus side I think i'm playing on my works team this year :)

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

10- for Tuesday- Stolen.

This 10 for tuesday blog is making its way around the bloggersphere.

1. What is your favorite kind of cheese?

Balderson 7yr old cheese. Its the best. Or some warm Brie!

2. Do you prefer fudge with or without nuts?

No nuts. My grandma used to make the best fudge.

3. How do you feel about cats?

Not right now thanks. Maybe when I was 12 years old. I'm much rather prefer my doggie.

4. Meg Ryan or Julia Roberts?

Julia Roberts. But neither one of these really make me jump up and down.

5. Do you wear a watch?

I used to. But I found that I break them at work. When I stock in the morning they usually get busted. But I keep my blackberry on me after open at work that I use to tell time. I have a couple of good ones that just stay in our watch winder box.

6. What are a few of your favorite songs from the 90′s?

WOW.. this is a tough one because I was a child of the 90's so I grew up listening to sooo many 90's songs (which I still think are unbelieable by the way!) ---- Well said Christina... I'm stealing your answer.

Anything by the Spice Girls, Backstreet boys, Hanson etc.

7. Do you like scented candles?

EPIC love. I burn through at least 2 big candles a week. I keep one always burning in the living room and always one in the kitchen.

8. What do you like on your hamburger?

Mustard, Relish, Ketchup. Onion, lettuce, tomato. Cheese. When I was a kid my mom always used to serve peas and carrots or corn with with dinner when we had home made burgers. I used to put these veggies on my burger. :)

9. How often do you cut your fingernails?

My nails grow REALLY REALLY slow. Like SUPER redic slow. I file them once in a blue moon. Maybe cut them once in a blue moon. The only time I had long nails was when i hurt my shoulder and couldant really work. I did a lot of standing around.

10. Do you sleep in socks?

Since I usually head to bed before Patrick and I am always cold I usually wear socks to bed. Unless I get really hot I never take them off.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Vitamin C

Last time I bought groceries I brought home a bottle of vitamin C. Pat then proceed to tell me that he dosant need to take any because he never gets sicks.

Well right now hes asleep on the couch in his work clothes under 3 blankets. He barely touched his dinner and hes been taking cold meds since yesterday morning. Apparently he cant survive on only 10 hours sleep this weekend.

I however feel great! I've been taking vitamin C 3X a day with meals. Plus eating tangerines and drinking orange juice like its going out of style!

To avoid getting sick this year:

Drink plently of water and juice.
Take your vitamin C.
Dress for the weather.
Wear a hat or toque! You lose most of your body heat through your head!
Get enough sleep!!!
Make sure to eat a ton of fruits and veggies!
Make sure you do get some fresh air in the house! As everyone has the windows sealed up tight trying cracking one before bed just a few inches. You may let some heat out but get some fresh air inside! Or just get outside and build a snow man or make some snow angels!

Avoid getting sick this holiday season! Even the guy who I have never seen with more then a stuffy nose is on the couch clearly sick!

Christmas planning.

So I went through my hiding spot upstairs of things I have purchased for gifts for christmas. I then sat down and made a list of things still to buy. I though I was doing pretty good but I managed to somehow forget about a few things I still have to get for my family christmas. (We draw names).

My mother once told me when you buy a house have a spot or a closet that you can put things in for gifts. AKA if you find something cheap for a wedding gift, baby shower etc sock in away in a hiding spot till you need it. Well so far i'm doing pretty good at it. I managed to pick up 5 wolfgang puck cast iron lasagna deep dishes for 4.97 each. Plus 2 woks for 6.97 each. I also managed to get a 3 dish serving set for 11.97 and a green serving platter and big bowl for 8.97. A baby blanket for 3.97. I know i'm tieing up a few dollars earlier rather then later but i'm not paying 35$ for those same pans when I need a gift. That has been a few months of looking for deals and scoping things out.

I decided i'm keeping a wok, the 3 dish serving set and the green bowl and platter. I plan on useing these on christmas eve, when we have our big dinner with everyone here.

I made a last minute vacation request for after christmas. I'm hopeing it gets approved. If it does i'll be off for about a week and a half after christmas!

Anyway thats all I really have for now! Enjoy the snow.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Christmas party season.

Tis the time of year to break out the little black cocktail dress for the annual christmas party. OR in my case the little navy dress and stunning red heels.

Our christmas party was the other night. We all had a fab time. My favorite part of the night was my bestie Jenna coming over and getting ready at my house and sitting and talking forever and doing our hair! All while watching the Santa Clause parade on TV and sipping away on hot apple cider.

Some do's and donts for christmas partys. Don't try pulling your boss out onto the dance floor by his tie and trying to take it off him. (That was funny as hell as it was like a 50 yr old women). Who must have had a few bottles of wine. Do wear dress socks with your suit (not white sport socks). They may be comfy but you look like a fool. Do look your best but dont lose your mind when someone spills a drink on you. I held my cool. Plus I was able to hold my clutch over the wet spot during photos. Do take the prepaid slip for your taxi home with you! SCORE! Thanks work!

Funniest part of the entire night. The new guy who didnt buy a ticket wearing jeans a white tshirt dress shoes and a sports jacket walking right in like he owned the place! No one even questioned him!

If you break a glass on the dance floor dont kick it under a table. Get someone to clean it up!

And the number 1 rule: If someone demands you chug a glass of sour puss at the pre party and everyone chants Jaymie or Chug! You do know how to party like a rockstar! (Jaymie is the joke codeword for your too drunk)! A very long story! But yes I managed to party like a rockstar! Turn a bunch of heads, had a great time and took home a beauty of a pointsetta thats now bringing some christmas cheer to my kitchen.

FACT: Pointsettas are posionous to dogs. Thats why mine is in the middle of the kitchen table. She cant try eatting its leaves up there.

So everyone enjoy your christmas parties and when that merch girl walks in and turns a ton of heads! You know you look hot! :P

Have a great time at your christmas parties! Dont drink and drive! (We went through a ride check in the cab on the way home)!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

That Nelson Family!

Man I am sooo pumped! Pat and his dad managed to get my car fixed. Between my free tow parts and labour. I figure I saved roughly $800! My winter tires are on and my summer ones are put away in the garage! I'm feeling a bit better still not great but I was able to get my car back in the driveway tonight and its ready to go for winter!

Feeling under the weather.

So I spent most of the night walking from the bed to the microwave back to the bed. After waking Patrick up I went to the couch insted. About every hour I made my way to the microwave to heat up trusty magic bag. Needless to say i'm not at work right now. I had never had cramps the way I did last night. From the bottom of my stomach up and into my back. Now I still kinda have cramps but i'm moreso exhausted and have a major headache from being awake all night.

The only thing that has made this day better is that my future father in law has got my car fixed and Pats putting on my winter tires tonight.

So this afternoon is, Me on the couch watching the snow fall outside and scuttling to the microwave every so often to heat up my trusty magic bag. I'm not brave enough to eat anything yet, but.... i'm thinking I might try and have some apple cider. One of my friends brought it back from St. Catherines and its been calling my name for a few days.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Creating the perfect stocking

Last year I had the honour again of creating everyones stockings.

This year Pat and I are doing each others. Allthough I am sure Dad will con me into doing thiers.

Christmas stockings are a fine art and in my opinion the best part of Christmas. They have to be perfectly stuffed, items wrapped and have the perfect combination of toys, treats, candy, nuts and fruit and larger gifts for the individual.

I'm starting to make a list of what all I am going to go in search of this year for Pats stocking.

Individual wrapped chocolates
Tin of nuts.
Batman Kindersurprise
DVD-Milo and Otis* It's an old classic.
Small flashlight
Package of drill bits
8 in 1 Rachet set. (This is quite possiably the coolest rachet I have ever seen.
Fat Max Tape Measure
Lottery tickets
Car Wash tickets
Razor blades
Spare winter mittens for the car.

Anyway just some starter ideas. I usually stop at the dollar store and add some extra things in.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Santa Clause Parade!

I just had a fantastic night! Pat and I went out to a chingy restaurant with my dad, brother and aunt and uncle. My cousin and her little girl joined us at the end as we waited for the Santa Clause Parade.

I really remembered tonight the excitment and joy of christmas as a child! Rachelle for most of the parade stayed in my arms on my hip. We danced to the music and collected WAAAAY too much candy!! Her grandpa got to hold her for the tail end! But I cant believe she stayed with me for so long! Like almost a half hour!! We had a ton of fun!

I cant wait to one day have a little one as cute and as excited as she was!! I think I am truely in the christmas spirit after being able to share that experience with her!

It was a great night with the music, bands, and all the christmas lights!

Fuel pump.

So this morning I was on my way to work when my car started to Rev up and down up and down. Not cool. I lost power and pulled to the side of the road. (This used to be Pats old car). He drives the jeep and I only run back and forth to work in the car.

So I called work to let them know I would be late. Called Pat to come get me. Then a guy I know pulled over as he saw me stopped and he had just dropped his gf off at work aswell.

I took CAA off me and left it on Patrick for any of our long drives... Were always together. I didnt end up useing it today. Ennismore Towing sponsers our familys race car and they came out and pick up my car for free!!! SCORE!

Pat and his dad figured out that my fuel pump has bit the dust. SO i'm looking anywhere between free- 300$ for a new fuel pump... Hopefully we can get this fixed without costing me anything. Also i'm getting my winter tires put on tommorow so once I get back on the road i'll be safe and sound.

I'm counting my lucky stars that Pat and his dad are SOOOOO car savvvy. Lucky me. Anyway if I get this fuel pump for free and it works i'll hopefully be back on the road for Tuesday! Lucky today was my Friday and its now my weekend!!!

Enjoy your weekend folks. Get out those To-do lists and start crossing things off!! I know with the holiday season coming everyone has a lot to do! Stay tuned for my holiday post!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

So I went to the Doctors.

Beware this post contains serious amounts of RANTING! Possiable swearing may arise!

SO today I had a doctors appt.

Let me start off by saying that I am not lucky enough to have a family doctor. My dads doctor used to see me when I was younger and suffering bad from a chest cold or something. But I dumped him.. I broke up with my doctor... It just wasant a comfortable relationship. I wasant comfy putting up my feet up in the stirrups in front of him! NO WAY!

So when a girl is desperate for a once a year physical we end up going to the health unit. So I book my once a year physical and show up early today. Showing up early to a health unit is a big mistake they are always running behind. ALWAYS.

So I check in, change my address and park my butt in an uncomfy plastic chair. Now when I was younger and go to the doctors my dad taught me to either play with the toys, read a magazine or book and to be QUIET! QUIET! Not talking loud and rudely with my feet up on the coffee table.

So I sit down. This girl (OMG) picture this Bleach bottle blonde grown out with foot of brown roots. Talking way to loudly to her friend next to her!

SO here I am sitting there silently thinking how annoying she is reading a post from my friends blog. WHEN. She starts talking... Quote "This is a sexual health clinic, I wonder what everyone is here for"? she continued on to ask everyone what they were they were there for. She turned to me and asked me if I have AIDS of all things. Seriously you little Bit*h? I could have killed her. I said nothing and continued to read. I'm sure steam was coming out of my ears. She continues to be super rude.

I finally had had enough. I politely asked her to either stop talking rudely or to be quiet. As well as to take her feet off the coffee table as she wasant at home. That didnt sit to well with her! Apparently this is a free country and she has the right to talk as well as put her feet up as they hurt. I didnt want to tell her I had been in steel toes for almost 10 hours working.

Anyway the nurse saved me right in time by calling my name. I think she may have saved me from laying her out on the floor. The mom that was obviously upset by her was shooting me the biggest smile the entire time I talked to this little rude girl.

So thats my rant. I know its spacey But I saved it part way through and just finished it!

Has anyone ever ment anyone so rude?

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


I guess I can officially say I have been bit by the Christmas bug. Normally in the past we just roll with what everyone else is doing for christmas.

This year we said NO. We have our own home! WE want to enjoy it!!! Together! The 2 of us!!!

SO insted of our usual get up at 4am and go till 1am Christmas day schedule. Its being revamped!

This year we are taking off the 4am wake up with Pats family christmas open presents dealio! Its being shifted over to christmas eve! This year we are having his family christmas at our house on christmas eve! Very excited! EAT DRINK and be MERRY! Plus my favorite part the Nelson christmas party! Traditionally on Christmas eve everyone gathers at Patricks parents house! This year we are hosting it! A night of watching chrismas specials on TV, and my favorite the SANTA TRACKER!!! Anyway its always a good time! Everyone drinks way to much and really enjoys the night! Were very excited to give Pats mom her gift!!! I couldant have done better in picking it out!

On Christmas day we plan on Sleeping in, opening presents and spending the early morning together! Wewill then be at my dads by 10 am for breakfast. Then onto my moms for lunch at 1. Then back to my dads shortly after to help get ready for the FAmily christmas he hosts!.

Normally we do stockings at my dads house but Pat and I are exchanging them christmas morning together!

What traditions does everyone have when it comes to stockings? Who does what, plans. price limits, ideas etc! I've been doing them for everyone for quite a few years but i'm very excited for this year!

Its just a little something about waking up in your own home together on Christmas morning! Can't wait!

Oakley Sunglasses.

So today I took a quick trip into the mall. Last week Pat and I were looking at sunglasses. Hes been drooling over a pair of Oakley sunglasses for a couple of months. Never have we forked out the cash for these sunglasses. I dont even think my regular glasses are worth that much!

Anyway I went back today to see them again and to possiably buy them. The price of them went up 40$. Not impressed. Like really not impressed. I kinda feel like all my thriftyness shot me in the foot. Anyway have I bought them Will I likely buy them.... Yes... Am I excited to fork out the extra cash no! Is it what he wants for christmas ? Yes. Now that we have the house together I would much rather buy each other exactly what we like rather then guessing. Although I wont tell him what I want.. Mainly because I dont know!

Proud of my man!

So Pat came home from work last night wanting to enroll in a night course at our local college for the winter. To explain about Patrick a little better hes a very quiet guys for those who dont know him. If you do, watch out hes loud and excentric! But very reserved towards those he dosant know.

Pat for next year is moving into a sr sales position with his company. It covers all the boat shows in Toronto, site visits for custom work, site visits for bids for contract work. Aswell as being in the office for a few hours a week for anyone that walks in loooking for information! Hes very very excited about it.

He wants to enroll in a night course just to get learning again and really excerise his brain. I'm leaning towards a leadership and public speaking course. Hes looking towards something thats specialized in his field.

Needless to say this new position brings a better pay scale, salary and commision in regards to what he can sell. Very excited. Way to be Patrick!

Now i'm just looking to land a management position and we can put a real dent in paying off this mortgage!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

LED Christmas lights.

I know the world has shifted from the old breakable energy sucking christmas lights to the LED lights. But part of me just cant stand the LED lights. They have a fakey plasticy dim light look to it. Not like a bright christmas lights i'm used to seeing from my childhood.

Any suggestions? I havant found anything I like, in my hunt for outdoor christmas lights.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Being cheap ?

Today I got called cheap...

I dont consider myself cheap. Just smart, thrify, conservative. I dont throw money around. I buy only what I need. Or what I want in this first year of being a homeowner.... Theres a lot of things I dont have that people who either rent or live at home allready have. IE: Christmas decorations.


You dont get rich by spending money.
But apparently I can buy at house at 23 by being cheap.

What do you consider your spending habits to be ? Are you cheap ?

New steel toes.

Once a year my company pays for me to get some new footwear. Tonight I headed down to Marks and picked up a new pair of steel toes. While some point head to work in high heels I head to work in steel toes that protect my lovely feet!

I managed to get a pair of warehouseing steel toes which are designed for people who specfically work on concrete! One of the girls I work with has the boots I got tonight and she has said repeatly that they are awesome.

So my boots were orginally over 200$ but they were on sale then with my corporate discount it brought them under my limit for my new boots. SWEEEEEEET! So I managed to get them for free even with taxes. I was willing to pay the differance from the start but it was my lucky day!

The concrete floor is an absolute killer! On halloween I wore a Dorthey from the wizzard of Oz costume. After 8 hours on a concrete floor in my high high heels! (Ruby slippers). I was limping out to the Jeep. So I am totally thankfull to be able to save my feet, legs and back with these new boots! :)

How does something so simple make me so happy ?

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Horriable drivers. **Must read**

Beware this post contains some serious ranting...

I usually consider myself to be pretty reserved. BUT not today on the road. Today I was followed by a driver. An ethnic driver. So I pull up to a red light and look in the rearview. What do I see behind me.... This guy doing the side to side head slide with 2 earbuds in. Singing his little heart out. Kinda like how I pretend i'm Carrie Underwood or something singing my heart out in the shower head sliding getting that conditioner out.

Light turns green he follows me to the next light. Were both in the left turn lane. He then confirms it is in fact an Ipod as he has it up changing songs with both hands on his steering wheel. We sit at this light and he follows me to the next. Its red and were sitting side by side. Wont lie i'm fuming angry.

So I prompt the guy to roll down his window and he does. So I yell can you hear me? He puts up the 1 second I cant hear you finger and takes out his earbuds. Lights still red and geen the other way. So I politely asked him to leave them out so he can hear. Thus not causeing an accident and being aware. He yells its okay I can hear sirens. SERIOUSLY ?????? My composed self went right out that open window.

I stopped myself from getting out of the car and yelling at him, yanking those earbuds from his hands, and repeatly backing over them.

Honestly. All I can think is you dumb F**K!!! People like this should not be able to drive. I got most of his license plate except for the last number i'm not sure if it was an 8 or a 2. I plan on calling this in tommorow when I can calmed down a bit.

Yes I admit I was wrong when I rolled down the window. But i'd never been so angry. This is the second person i've ment that thought driving with earbuds in is ok!!!!

My question to you is.... Has anyone seen this before ? How did you react? How did you feel? Would you have rolled down your window ??

Now I can see how people suffer from road rage.
End rant.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Ever been asked for a favor ?

Just wondering ? Anyone out there ever been asked for a favor that they didn't want to help out ?

I got asked to cash in a favor for someone the other day. Employment wise. I have done a lot of thinking about it over the weekend. Its a long story and I do feel bad for the couple and what they are going through right now. Long story lost job and christmas is coming. Needs work.

I have a lot of contacts at work, i've done a lot of networking over the last couple years. But part of me still feels like something isnt right. Like i'm streching out my neck for this person and what if something happens and it dosant work out either way ?

Anyway i'm going to see what I can do to help this couple out. I figure after the awesome day I had on Saturday at work I might be able to cash this one in for them.

Anyway i've decided to have a closed door conversation with someone and let them know whats going on. The person i'm going to go talk to is a very relaxed cool person. So he knows my work ethic and my goals like no other. I figure if I do the old they have asked me to bring this is and pass it on to you. Take a look. If it works out it works out. If not it dosant. I'm washing my hands out it...

I think thats what i'm going to do.

Wish me and my neck luck.

Capital One Blunder

Has anyone ever been so completly frustrated by outside marketing that they lost it ? Well I did the other day.

This post is kinda delayed but you can see in the end how it played out.
Also a warning. Be aware of CAPS. I'm a bit angry writing this post.

So a few week ago Pat and I received Capital 1 credit card applications in the mail along with one for both the people that had lived there before... Big marketing!

Then a week later we started to receive to each receive a telephone call a day each for 3 days. Each day we asked to be taken off the calling list. By the 6th call total from Capital 1. I snapped. She told me it would take 30 days to be removed from thier calling base. So I had the potential to receive 60 telephone calls from this company during the marketing blitz. This didnt sit well at all with me.

While talking to the agent during the call I found out that I actually had to call into capital 1 on a special hotline to be removed from the calling list. Something the other 5 times I had asked to be removed from the list had failed to mention. Katelyn became angry.

I called into this special hotline and talked to an agent. I asked to be immediately transfered to a supervisor. This was done. I gave this supervisor my name address and telephone number to be removed from the mailing and telephone list. I however wanted to take it one step further.

Why do I have to be harrased during this marketing blitz by a multi billion dollar corp that I have absolutely no ties too. I have NEVER ever had a a credit card with then. Nor do I ever plan too. EVER. I mean full out 60 telephone calls in 30 days harrasment. ANGRY KATE.

So I wont lie I flew off the handle to a manager. Completely. I may have fudged the truth a lot but it was worth it in the end. I explained to this manager that I worked shift work. 12 midnight to 12 am. I never saw my husband and cooked for us by a crock pot. All I wanted to know was why this super company needed 30 days to take me out of thier system ??? WHY ???? A store can run an EOD end of day. Updateing all sales information, and gathered information such as this.

The supervisor then continued to say that the system they had in place was multiple systems and some only updated yada yada yada yada yada. Nothing of real importance. THEN I explained that I was a police offier after I had the supervisor name and employee number and that I would personally charge her and the company with harrasemnt should they contact me after this Monday November 15th. Since last week I had no telephone calls after this telephone call.

So I lied. But I was angry and you can charge them with harrasment. Anyway I havant heard anything from them and I think it was well worth the 45 mins on the phone.

If anyone else is struggling with this corporation tell them to stick it where the sun done shine... I did.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Christmas * Deck the halls.

Well world I am a consumer.

Today I started Christmas shopping.

I purchased 2 christmas stockings, 3 fat moose absolutely the cutest thing. A package of teddy bear christmas tree ornaments. 2 packs of holiday chair covers I now have Mr & Mrs Clause a snowman and a reindeer covering our kitchen chairs.

To buy:

Christmas presents I so far have 2. I have a list done but am re-considering the watches.
A big list of christmas presents.

Christmas tree
Christmas ornaments
Wrapping paper, bows, tags.
Outside lights.
Angel or a star for the tree. I was thinking of trying to find a TY Bear thats an angel... I think it would be cute.
Garland, lights and ornaments for railing on the stairs.
I need to cut vines for the front porch. I want to do an old style swag of vines all wound together running all around the porch with white lights woven into it with some ribbon.
Outdoor lights for the christmas tree going on the porch. :)
Apparently McKnights has some amazing steal deals before christmas that I need to watch for. But I have allready gotten compliments on my decorations as I was leaving work with them. :)

Btw, Pat wasant too happy to come home and see the halls starting to be decked!!! :) But I was. Outdoor lights and tree dont go up untill December!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Today was a great day!

Today world was a great day.

I managed to get sooooo MUCH done around the house. I managed to do laundry all day. Between a huge stack of clothes to get folded and away I managed to get all the sheets, blankets and heavy winter quilts washed and folded up. All while in the comfort of my pjs. Also I threw a few movies on and kept checking up on the royal winter fair online viewing. Made for an awesome fall day. Complete with a croc pot of chili for dinner! Just found cheap gas and went and got both the Jeep and car gassed up.

Patrick has found a new way to pay for our gas each month. A couple of the guys on his way to work have asked him for a ride. He has made the system of 10 bucks a day paid a week in advance on the Friday. So every Friday the guys pay for the Monday to Friday of the next week. So far no problems. At 4 weeks a month with 2 guys paying its an extra 400$ a month for a trip he was already making in the first place. He may have to leave a few mins earlier but well worth it. So an extra 400$ a month i'm pumped our Gas or part of our mortgage is paid each month!!! Can you tell i'm excited.

I managed to get caught up on a massive amount of filing. I wont lie I wasant being a good girl. I was just piling up the last few months of bills. I finally sat down and filed away in order, cell bills, mortage, utilities, oil, paystubs, cable, receipts, credit cards, bank statements, insurance statements. It took the better end of an hour but I'm glad to have it all done.

I made a phone call into Capital one. Thats a post for tommorow. But I ended up very upset and threatening to press charges against them. Lets see if they call back tommorow.

Night world.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

A lazy Sunday!

This week has flown by so very quickly! This week has just had a lot going on. Between working driving North in the afternoon to get in a half days hunt.. Getting ready for the weekend work on the porch.

The deer hunt is going on now. So far i've put almost a 1000 km on the car driving up to the hunt camp in the afternoons to go hunting. I wont lie I havant seen much. Few does no bucks. Dad managed to get a spike buck so I guess were doing okay. I'm doing a ton of baking this afternoon to take into the guys. Bannana bread, cookies, muffins, brownies the stove has been on all day and most likely a good part into the night. I'd love to see if I can bang off some pies but Robin always bakes them each day for the guys.

The deck is in full swing. A lot of work is going on this weekend between Pat and his dad on the house. We have branches being trimmed off trees outside anything thats too close to the house. Getting ready for winter.

Christmas is Coming!!! After Remembrance day we are good to go!!!
I have a mental shopping list for Christmas in my head. Its time to write it down.I have some prices for some items some I cant remember.

A package of stockings from Costco. They are huge and felt. I absolutely love them!(1 @ 11.99)
2 packages of chair covers from Costco. A Mr and Mrs Clause. A Reindeer and a Snowman. They are possiably the cutest thing ever (2 @ 17.99 each.)
White and Blue Christmas lights for outside the house!
A chistmas tree! (Pat is allergic to real ones! Sucky but we deal!) I bought a half decent christmas tree for 1$ at the auction. I plan on putting it on our new Porch and decorating it on Dec 1st.
Christmas tree ornaments. I plan on doing our tree in a country theme to match our house. Pat and I believe that Christmas ornaments should be meaningfull. We have a total of 3 that we picked up in the last few years. Now its time to head out to crafts works and look for some!!!
We plan on putting blue and white LED christmas lights up outside. We plan on spending a day cleaning out the gutters and a day hanging lights and decorating the outside of the house! I'd like to find a nice "nice quilt looking pretty" tree skirt. I'm picky so this will be hard.

Anyway thats kinda what I have rolling around in my head right now.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween.

Ohh to go back to the days of trying to decide of the perfect costume to fit over your snowsuit....

Well now that I say i've grown up. Which this year proved to me that I have.
TOday has been busy. Pat and I spent the morning in bed curled up watching cartoons. Cooked had breakfast and did some laundry BUT the best part we carved a sea of jacks. my driveway is lined with pumpkins orange and purple lights, caution tape and spiderwebs adorn the porch candy is ready and music just needs to be cued. I'll be sitting on the porch with the mask from the saw movie talking to kids... WOULD YOU LIKE TO PLAY A GAME? o yes. I am excited. Our friends are coming over and one has a disgustingly sick mask. Its a dead doll. Ugggggh shudder. Okay time to bake the garlic bread and serve up spaghetti for dinner. Its time to get ready for the trick or treaters!!!

Be safe and watch out for all the little ghosts and gouls tonight!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Secret Santa.

Well World.

I encourage you all to stop by

Serendipity's been writing this blog on PF and life for sometime. She was one of the first bloggers I started to follow.

She has come up with a wonderfull idea of having us in the blogging community take part in a secret santa project. Its been years since I participated in one of these!!

I sent Serendipity my address and a list of things about me so that my secret santa can get to know me better. I'm hopeing I can make some new friends in the blogging world out there!!!

So as the holiday season draws closer i'll focus on Halloween for now! But on the 1st of November I am full swing into christmas!!! I am super excited to decorate our house for the first time!!! I think I am most excited to wake up in a home Pat and I own on Christmas morning for the first time!!

Stay tuned for my big blog on my Christmas decorating plan for our new home!!!

For now,

Happy Halloween!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Well tonight I had a brush of excitment.

I had a knock at the door. The dog was upstairs and didnt come down barking like normal. I opened the inside door and talked to the gentlemen through the screen.

Has anyone heard of the scam going on about hot water tanks door to door. If not long story short these people get into your house look at your hot water tank while pretending to be with your current provider. But they arent they are actually with the competition. After scamming you into signing with them they leave and your signed into a 5 yr contract. Or they come back and rob you blind after caseing your house.

SOOOOO I explained to the guy that I didnt feel comfortable having him come into the house with no one else home. He then actually opened the screen door and tried to get into the living room... I held my ground. I was quite impressed at myself. Anyway after me trying to get his name and telephone number or a business card he finally left. So I stepped back from the door waiting to see which direction he went I didnt see him walkdown the driveway. I opened the door to see if he had walked across my neighbours lawn to his driveway but no! ...... He was standing at the corner of the house where I couldant see him! I'm wondering if he was caseing the place and looked in our back windows or in the back yard. I felt really uncomfortable and called the police immediately.

So that phone call to the Peterborough Police didnt go so well. I was told that it was shift change time which I get but there was not an officer advaiable to come out and find this guy walking around and check his information or stop by my house or something.

So tonight world I will be sleeping with a louisville slugger under the bed... No guns or pots and pans for this girl...

Monday, October 25, 2010

What a fab weekend!

I have absolutely no idea where to begin!!! I had such such such a wonderfull weekend! It was the best way to start all fall weekends coming up.


I got the house clean and we sat down to watch the wolverine movie.


A day of work! Mary- Anne stopped in with Alex and and we visted for a few hours. Patrick came home early from work and played with Alex with our giant collection of transformers. Patrick was absolutely wonderfull with Alex (my gfs 2yr old!) I was so proud of him!! I know one day he will be such a good father! Patrick headed outside to clean up the back yard! It looks fantastic! Grass is cut dog poop is gone and leaves are raked! We had pizza, garlic bread and ceaser salad for dinner! Yummy!

Phantom Farm: That night we picked up Laura, Rory and Rorys younger brother Nathen and headed out to phantom farms! We took a quick tour on the hayride and lined up for the barn! It was barely raining when we were in line and it was a great night!!! Nathen's first time through the barn and hes only 14! He did so well!!! He was in the middle of our crew and I was holding onto Pat for dear life! The characters all the way through held onto Nathen back like it was me! We managed to get outside and I told him that it was the guys in the barn not me. That kid jumped like 25 feet in the air! It was the most funny thing ever! I ended up talking with the owner Laura that night! She was super nice and personable! Its all about networking folks.... I may have drummed up a new contact for work! ~We headed back to Laura and Rorys had some drinks and pizza and watched the fight!!! Such a good night!

Sunday: Pat and I slept in for once! It was so nice to just stay in bed! Patrick ended up making me breakfast! Super yummy bacon eggs toast and my homemade jam! We lazed around the house watching the race and never got out of our pjs all day! We had full intentions of doing a cash side job in the afternoon and lifting a dock but Pats going to do it after work with Mattie none of us wanted to venture out in the rain! I made the most delish dinner. I marinated a pork roast all day in pineapple. It was super yummy! Acorn squash with walnuts and maple syrup! Cheesy mashed potatos with Cilantro and all sorts of veggies with honey mustard! I cant wait to have left overs for lunch today! It was actually delish! I ended the night curled up in bed watching Hocus Pocus my favorite Halloween movie!

All in all it was the best weekend ever to start the fall! Today is markdown Monday and i'm headed into work to see what sort of deals can be had! :) Best shopping day ever!

I'm planning to sit down with Patrick and do a Christmas budget and plan out gifts for our family! I can start decorating for Christmas Sunday morning after Halloween i'm so excited!!!

I have a big post coming up at somepoint!!! :)

Friday, October 15, 2010

Happy Friday!

Wow! Its been a short week and I only have 1 short day of work left tommorow! Then I'm rushing home to get ready for my friends wedding in the afternoon!! I managed to find an awesome clutch tonight at the mall and well its super HOTT!

Tommorow time is going to be tight. I'm working from 6 am till 12:30 pm at the latest. Rushing home to jump in the shower bang off some hair and makeup and be at the wedding for 3PM. I'm hopeing to leave early but 12:30 is the latest i'll be leaving work. I have everything laid out a overnight bag packed and everything ready to go like an assembly line!! Its also about a 45 min drive from the house to the resort.

I read Patricks best man speech and I burst out laughing a few times this afternoon it was very well written. Very him and much so the couple. Patrick isnt a very big public speaker so I gave him a few tips before he left today I think he will do well.

Tommorow should be a good day. I'm excited to say the very least! I think i'm caught up on housework! Laundry and dishes is done! So Sunday we can just take back thier gifts! Drop off the lawn mower and come home and laze around.

So i'm heading to bed! Wish me luck for tommorow! My house is waaay to quiet tonight!!! Patrick is allready at the resort spending the night with the groom and groomsmen. The dog has all ready been dropped off at his parents house! Night Night!!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I got a feeling........

I got a feeling. That my so long single fund might be getting used :) Whhhho butterflys... Maybe ?

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Norwood Fair weekend!

WOW what a great weekend!!! A full 5 days full of work to get this massive event pulled off!!! SO much happened this weekend I feel that I grew in terms of being a person and that I truely tried to go the extra mile in the last 5 days. I was even going back today but as I drive a half hour to get there the other directors put the stop on that one.

So some of my favorite memories of the weekend! Accepting kids entires prior to judging. Being pulled around by kids I had no idea who they were to go and see thier ribbons. SUPER FUN. Watching the tractor pull with my dad. Standing in line and watching the horse draw while waiting to order the best food ever. Flying around the grounds in a golf cart with my uncle so much fun! Whomever had that idea to get golf carts for the directors was smart after all weekend of running around those golf carts saved my butt!! Pre 4H cattle show! Every year its fantastic. Steer show and sale with my family.

Least favorite memories from the weekend. Being stuck in stop and go traffic twice this weekend. Starting the weekend off with a wake and funeral. Having on way too many layers and taking my sweater to the car and losing the car in a field full of cars. Walking with the beeper trying to set off the alarm to find the car. Then falling in a giant pothole in the middle of the field. It was huge and how I missed seeing it I dont know. My ankle actually hurt for awhile and I was mad at myself for being a country girl and not seeing where my feet where going mistake #1.

Well there is now another year of planning coming up. I now have a huge list of things to do leading up to next year. To make the school fair bigger and better! I'm excited and excited for the changes coming to next years ambassador contest!

Deep fried turkey was fantastic this weekend. MMMM. This was the first year we have ever had a thanksgiving dinner in my family. we have never done this before as we are all too busy at the fair. This year dad deep fried 2 turkeys! It wasant a real dinner it was a turkey sandwich and all the fixings laid out on the counter or in the fridge eat when you get there! Its hard to time a dinner with the fair, other dinners and chores in a farming family. Dinner started at 4pm and went untill 10 that night lol.

I managed to get a few cute items and christmas tree ornaments for the house this weekend! Patrick told me I have to stop buying this stuff but its super cute! Plus its the same colors and fits with our country decor!

All things aside it was a very good weekend! I felt myself growing closer to my aunts and uncles this weekend.

Hope everyone had a great thanksgiving!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Thanksgiving weekend.

Well world its thanksgiving weekend here in Canada. This is going to be one busy weekend. Between a passing of a friend (wake and funeral) Norwood fair, Thanksgiving dinners, helping on centre peices for my friends wedding and WORKING! Wow I've been up for almost 2 hours going strong today and I have plans that carry me straight through till 10 pm tonight. Yesterday was the same.

I made myself laugh this morning. Years of working at subway paid off this am. I made enough sandwiches to feed an army of volunteers over at the fair today I have to drop those off soon and its a real balancing act in my fridge. I litterly had my kitchen table covered in bread all laid out. A super big production line of ham and cheese sandwiches. The dog was not impressed it was beyond mean to her lol.

Anyway. I need to jump in the shower and get my butt in gear. I have funeral clothes laid out but somehow I cant find my black go to heels...... anyone anyone know where they are.... I have my cute little red high heels ready to go but black is what I was hunting for...... errrgh....

Anyway world I know everyone has a busy weekend planned but everyone enjoy and have yourself a great thanksgiving!!!

Thanksgiving weekend.

Monday, October 4, 2010

The Band Perry - If I Die Young

Loss of a friend.

Below is a video by Brad and Dolly.

B, no words can explain this loss. God has called you home. All of us down here, have another angel watching over us.

For all the good times we shared together, for all those life lessons taught, smiles and tears. Rest in peace.

"When you feel like complaining about getting old. Stop and think about all those who are denied the privilege".

When I Get Where I'm Going- Brad Paisley & Dolly Parton

Friday, October 1, 2010

Say yes to the dress BIG BLISS

Happy Friday world! I am super excited for tonights premiere of Say yes to the Dress Big Bliss. Just wanted to all to know.

Some things I am thankfull for right now:

Yummy rolo cookies I am going to make tonight!
My puppy!
Ellen Degeneres!
Breast Cancer Awareness month. **Do yourself a favor! Show your pair you care! Check them out at home! Early detection is key!**
Big Bliss Say yes to the dress.
October (The best month of the year! Thanksgiving, Norwood fair and Halloween!)
Patrick! He is the best thing I could ever ask for!
Sunflowers. I have an awesome looking bouquet in my living room right now!
Fall leaves. Have you noticted the crazy awesome colors out there?

Well world have a great weekend and enjoy!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Have you stepped off the pavement lately?

Well I got a call today from a friend of a friend. We dont hang out that often and were not invited to his wedding but his wife to be is a little demanding. This morning I got a phone call from her demanding that we deliver and give her a 100 square bales for her wedding next summer.. REALLY??? Seriously ? Get real. We pay people to put hay in the barn. Not take it and give it away for free, muchless deliver. I explained that my dads hay was all in round bales and not going to serve the purpose she desired. Being a city girl she had no concept of a round vs square bale.

Let me tell you sweetheart dont get all sassy with me. You a pampered city princess and have no concept of country living muchless farming. PS thanks for interupting my morning coffee on the porch, but you did provide with some stupidity to laugh at.

Have you stepped off the pavement lately?

God, do you hear this girl rambling?

Dear God I was just wondering if you hear this girl rambling?

I tend to ramble. I find my blog posts have no real point sometimes. Kinda like this one. I need to find time to properally sit down and write and be focused. I've been doing a lot of reading lately. (Books, cookbooks, recipes, magazines and well of course BLOGS)!

I have ideas for posts I just would rather read and do things around the house then sit down and write!

But for now I shall try. This weekend was a blast. Friday I made a big dinner. The guys had a night to pick out ties and vests for the wedding coming up. They all cam back to the house for dinner after! A huge roast beef, mashed potatos, ginger carrots, mixed veggies! Plus yummy moose tracks ice creme for dinner the guys fav of course! All that stick to your ribs goodness!

Saturday I worked and ended up heading to our friends house for UFC fight night. Absolutely great. I'm not a huge UFC fan but I do have a favorite fighter. Chris Lights out Lytle. He won so it kinda made my night! Sunday Patrick and I cuddled in bed, did some laundry and made pancakes and watched some cartoons. It was a fantastic morning! I went to a bridal shower and over to Mike and Tonyas for dinner! mmmmmm ribs mmmm... Yummy!

I had a plan to kinda clean out my freezer and pantry and cooked a lot of things I had and managed to buy groceries on friday insted of Monday. I did pretty well. I'm lucky that I buy beef, chicken, pork etc in bulk. Once a month I have a larger grocery bill say close to 160$ and I can get by the rest of the weeks on say 30$ for produce. Patrick and I eat quite healthy :).

Norwood far is coming in quick and I still have a few loose ends to finish up. I have a huge long mental list my aunt and I are working on! Plus I need to test out a new Chilli recipe. On the Friday before the fair its go go go go all day long untill everything is done and ready for Saturday! We have a big lunch for all the directors, judges and volunteers. The weather this day is most often rainy. Insted of the 1 sunny Friday I can remember in the last 5 years. Rainy cold days = more food. The guys are stuck outside working in the rain which means more food to feed the fire. I signed up to make a few loafs of sandwiches but if its even cold i'm going to bring a pot of Chilli. There is never enough food when its cold.

Tonight i'm making Tacos for dinner its one of Patrick and my favorite meals. They have also become a big time home run with our friends. Ray is actually driving down from Orilla tonight for taco night! I'm loved lol. So my house will be crammed with the guys again tonight for taco night!

*G* G is back in town after a long drive home from the west coast the boy drove by himself for days to get here. So G is just roaming from house to house, his parents, Mike and Tonyas and ours. Having *G* at the house for a few nights every week while he is home is nothing new. Were happy to have *G* home for the next month while everyone prepares for the wedding and thanksgiving. If *G* is silly enough to stay at our house before the fair that boy is going to be put to work with my uncle at the fair!

Anyway, thats all I have for now. I'll be heading to the mall soon. Plus I need to drop off some dry cleaning. I've been practicing no spend for awhile. No spend with the exception of gas and groceries! I've done really well~~~ So maybe its time to spoil myself. A MDD CD is calling my name. Maybe a bit of shopping. Jeans and maybe a cute sweater fall is here!!!!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

2 days on the couch.

Well world. I had a fantastic weekend with my girls! I worked Saturday and then drove to Barrie by myself for a bachlorette party. Some of the girls there were pregnant so it was pretty tame. Games at the hotel and dinner!

We picked up the Jeep thursday night and I absolutely love it! Its soooo nice.

I've spent the last few days on the couch I wont lie I feel like garbage. I'm sure work wasant impressed with me calling in the last 2 days. But I wasant going in I feel like trash.

Anyway. I dont really have much new I have a whole bunch of ideas for blogs to come up but I just have no energy right now. I'm just going back to the couch till Pat gets home from work.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Thanks well no thanks bible thumpers.

Well For god so loved the world he gave us bible thumpers. Before I undergo quite a bit of critism I do believe in god and go to church, but I would never do this.

I went to Barrie last weekend for a bachlorette party. In the morning after we checked out of the hotel I went downstairs to find someone had taped a bible verse onto my trunk lid. Not with just some plain old scotch tape or painters tape .... BUT.... With.... BOX TAPE! errrgh God give me the strength not to murder the poor bible thumper that did this. Not even a little sliver of tape but a good 3 X 1 inch slice of tape. so I managed to rip the paper off and let the tape stay on untill Pat and I could figure out how to get the tape off without peeling the paint.

Anyway its off. A little discolored but not missing any paint. We poured water over it in the morning sun and let it get moist and warm and peeled it off on a 45 degree angle.

Happy Monday!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

What I love right now.

There is some things in life that I can be truely thankfull for.

* My dog and how darned cute she is. *** She killed a black squirrel today :) I've never been so proud!***
* Laundry warm from the dryer. Nothing better then that feeling.
* My love to cook and bake. Now that my shifts have changed i'm cooking up a storm! Thanks for your touch Grandma and Dad
* Thanksgiving* I love our hometown fair! It happens that weekend and I love being able to take such a lead in the school fair. Maybe in the next couple years i'll be feeling confident enough to run for vice president and president the year following, Maybe? Advice?
* Our home* Patrick and I have never had such a solid relationship till now. Real love takes work and making a house a home and doing the work and up keep on it has taught us a lot.
* Patrick* I've never met a man so driven as he is. How smart and how kind he is. I almost fell over the other night when the dishwasher is empty. You learn to appreciate the small things.
* Fresh cut flowers* We have some fantastic looking flowers in at work right now that are calling for a spot in my living room.
* Flannel Pj's.* They might not be the cutest sexy thing. BUT they are the most comfy warm thing to wear now that the fall cool nights are here
* Heating Blanket* I purchased a heating blanket the other night that I am excited about. I've always been afraid of fire. But for the few mins just to warm up the bed before I climb in! I'm pumped!

Well thats all I have for the night.


WOW I just signed back into my account after not reading for a few days. I consider myself to follow a lot of blogs and websites. I feel like I have soooo much to read to get caught up. I've been reading for the last 20 mins and i'm vowing to read no more till after dinner and the house work is caught up.

Blogs coming up about:

What I love.
How I plan to cut heating costs this winter.
Jeep Update.
Fair planning and taking a lead?
Girl Guides.
Meal planning and grocery shopping.
Home decorating.
Safety week recap.
Baking. My grandmothers touch?

Monday, September 13, 2010

Mental list Monday.

I have a huge list of things to do running through my head. I've been trying to cross things off since last Friday and I forgot to do some major things somehow... My 20 min nap turned into a 3 hour nap so I slept the afternoon away insted of getting things done! :(

Car List:

Take one last drive by JJ stewarts and make sure they didnt get anything in that isnt on the website yet.
Call statefarm and have me added onto Pats insurance. Get a new quote for me for the car as a Primary driver and Pat as a Primary driver on the Jeep were looking at.
Call my insurance company and cancel my policy as soon as statefarm is good to go.
Possiably go ahead and add on insurance for the jeep.*** take a look at extra life insurance for me through statefarm.
Drive to the dealer in the city and drive the Jeep.
Get carfax.
Decide what to do regarding plates and whos name of put the vehicles in. Research the cost of transfering ownership and changeing plates between Patrick and I.

House List:

Pull prokchops out for dinner tonight.
Run a load in the dishwasher.
Run a load of laundry.
Fold 3 loads of laundry.
Hand wash all the pots.
Finish cleaning the bathroom. Its sprayed down allready.
Get the living room clean. I have it torn right apart.
Complete all the fileing. * I have Septembers bills and papers all to be filed.
Organize basement. Patrick and I just kinda threw all of our summer stuff down there.
Run extra beads of of caulking around vents on roof before winter.
Use Scotts wintergreen turfbuilder for the lawn.
Put lawn chairs away for winter. Move Comfy Adirondack chairs to front porch.
Unpack heating blankets to get ready for winter.*** I refuse to turn the heat on untill its really cold. I can leave a heating blanket on for a minute or turn the heat on for 20 untill the house warms up! The heating blanket I think is the best bet!


Meet dad for lunch!
Pick up a few groceries. We just need a few bags of treats! I'm thinking potato chips :)
Find a new dog collar! We changed Bandits food and shes thinned out and needs a smaller collar.
Stop by the spca and see what dogs (hopefully puppies) are in!

Okay now that I have my mind somewhat organized and my phone has rang 3 times while writing this. I think i'm going to finish getting ready and head out and start crossing things off my list!

Jeep Grand Cherokee

Well, after all the stolen car trouble Patrick and I have managed to find something we like. Its up in Scarborough on a little tiny car lot. We drove up 2 days ago to go see and and were going back tonight with Patricks dad of course!

I've planned lunch with dad today i'm excited to go visit him!

I have a big mental list of things to go today!! I think its time to get cracking on it!!!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Scatterbrained day.

Well today wasant a bad day at all. Although I woke up feeling like I had a major cold. I was able to get through the day. I have a bit of a headache now but I think I just need some sleep. FYI Aleve now makes a cold and sinus if anyone needs or is intrested.

I've started doing a little better of a shift. A 6-2:30PM shift. Insted of 4-12:30PM. It gives me a bit more sleep and lets me stay up a bit later at night. I like it. Pat can drive me to work too until I get another car.

Tonight my dad and brother came over for dinner. We had Tacos. I wont lie it was pretty yummy and a nice change.

We eneded up getting a new cell phone for Pat. He has a cell for work his shop phone. Now he has a better phone for personal use. Hes pretty happy with it. He had a store credit on his new phone so I ended up getting a skin for my blackberry on sale that fits in my other holder which I am pretty excited about!

My no spend grocery week I all ready blew. I ended up getting eggs, milk, creme, bread, butter and a bag of ketchup chips.

Meal plans this week = a lot of soup, salad, sandwiches, pasta, etc. I plan on trying to use up some of my pantry and freezer. I plan on making some bread this week both zucchini and bannana. I've been saying since the start of August I was going to make peach jam, I really need to get on that. I plan on making salsa and Bruschetta too this summer before its end.

Norwood fair is ramping up! I have another meeting next Tuesday! I might bring some bread for everyone as a treat!

Several of my friends have babies on the way. Thats not really my style right now but I am super happy for them.

Anyway, I'm off to bed. Tommorow is going to be a long day I plan on hitting a few dealerships and seeing what I can find. :) Wish me luck.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Labour day!

Well my cousins wedding was yesterday! No detail was over looked at all. Not 1 single thing. Theres too much to blog about today I might do a full out post about it at some point. Today I wont lie. I'm tired and just laying around trying to stay warm its freezing outside!!!

Pat leaves on a big work trip this week hes gone for a few days. My goal is.... to try and use up things in the freezer while he is away this week. I will not buy groceries other then Milk, eggs and bread. I have huge pantry and freezer stores I plan on trying to use.

We are looking for another vehicle right now. So far nothing. We might go see a used Jeep before he leaves for a work trip. BUT the new 2011 Jeeps are well amazing the options on them make me want one very badly. :( The payments for it isnt the hard part its the insurance :(

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Written Off

Well folks the car is to be written off. I can expect my cheque next week and can start shopping soon. :)

Monday, August 30, 2010

Ring a bling.

So Patrick decided that tonight were going to the mall to look at rings. He brought it up out of no where. I wont lie I am super excited. :) Maybe one day soon i'll be starting a blog called becoming Mrs. Nelson. I promise world that it will be more exciting then this one!

Won't lie super excited.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


I think i'm there. That utter breaking point I call exhaustion. I'm completely, phsyically, emotional, mentally exhausted. I don't have any gas in the tanks left this week. I've been going everyday from 3 in the morning till dinner time or later every night. I havant been sleeping well since the car was stolen and today is the third day of not really being able to eat all that much. I'm done for tonight. I'm letting the dog out for a bit then going to bed. Tommorow is a full day from 3am till bed. Something planned every minute of the day. :(

Signing off,

Saturday, August 21, 2010


Well Kyle Busch won the Nationwide race last night. My money is on a Roush Fenway car for tonight. Bring it on Cousin Carl! ONLY 3 races till the chase!!!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Bachlorette party

Well world anyone have a thinking cap on??

I've been invited to a bachlorette party but now the details have changed. Not only is the bride pregnant but so is the MOH. So they want to do a spa weekend. So the price of this weekend has shot right up. Like stupid right up. There is no way I can justify on spending 300 for a room for 2 nights and still sharing a bed with a bunch of girls. Then there is still gas, massages, pedis, manis, food and some other things to be factored in. All I can think is stay at my cottage we paint each others toes and save a wad of cash?

What would you do???

Stolen Car recovered.... details reveled.

Well world.

As my last post said yesterday my car was recovered by Peterborough city Police. Like maybe a week ago I got the bright idea that I would be able to find the car before the police. I drove around to every dirty town house low rental parking lot 24 hour gym. etc.

Well yesterday morning when I saw Private Number come up on the phone I knew my car had been recovered. I wont lie I was scared to hear what she has to say.

So my car was recovered up at highland heights public school. For anyone who knows Peterborough go left at the Tim Hortons on Chemong its up on the right. Well when I was driving around trying to find my car I was so close to finding it. I was litterly a head and flower bed on a little hill away from it. I was in 1 parking lot and it was in the one beside me that I didnt know was there. SO CLOSE! Basically you go back out onto the road drive down turn onto a cul du sac go the the end and there is a parking lot that connects next to the same parking lot. SO CLOSE.

Anyway the officer informed me on the phone that they were on the way out to take prints from my car and that I could go see it during the afternoon if nothing came off it..

I spent my day with dad not worrying about the car and not having any real idea what condition it was in. I called the Police and was told that nothing was a match off my car and I can go down and look it over. So I went down to the towing company to see my car. .............. I forgot how cute it was. Its a really cute car!!! But it was completely covered in finger print dust inside and out top to bottom including the engine. It looked grey compared to navy. But with the exception of a few dents and scrapes on the car it looks like it used to. The things in back seat were still there. The trunk still locked.

But no keys. Thats an 8 page story in itself.

The guy at Fitzsimmons said insurance should be putting in a new ignition system, new door locks. A safety on the car an engine flush and the car cleaned from top to bottom. Still dosant make me feel good about driving it. I dont think I would feel safe.

So thats all I know.
Anyway I have phsyio today so i'm off to that!! I'll catch you later!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Stolen car recovered.

well world they recovered my car.
The crime lab is on the way out to print it down. I called the towing company to find out what happens and he said ever watched operation repo... yes.. thats it we take your car dont touch it at all. tow it park it lock it in storage thats it. WOW .

So thats all I know readers.

More later.

Bristol Motor speedway!

Well this is the red neck part of my blog.

Last year in March Patrick and I with a few friends drove down to Bristol TN. For the March NASCAR Race! Let me tell you we had the best time ever! We pulled into farmer Bobs campground in full Canadian garb. A truck painted Bristol Bound covered in Canadian flags. We made a lot of friends immediately!

Let me tell you I was a true red neck for the weekend!Dressed in jeans ball cap my red and white and my awesome shirt with Canadian girls love 99 on the front and 69 on the back! Carrying my cooler stacked with dirt cheap beer and my scanner on my head listening to my driver on every turn and sprint fan vision around my neck it was AWESOME! We finished this weekend sunburnt as hell but froze at night as it dropped below freezing and we were camping in tents. But I love my Nascar!

The August night race is on this weekend and I am super pumped to be able to gather around the flatscreen to watch this race! Cheering cousin Carl on all the way to the end!!! Bristol is the fastest short track in the NASCAR circut!

Well world I wish I was going back i'd be leaving tommorow for the race this weekend but i'm staying at home in Canada!

Well Bristol my favorite American small town place! I'll miss you and your crazy walmart super store and ABC liqour store.

Cousin Carl drive that 99 and make me proud!!!

Canadian girls love 99 !!

Collecting my $

Well world. Its my day off and i'm planning on making a road trip out to the country!!!

I have a few things to do today aswell.

Money collection!
a) return a stack of emptys taking up tooo much space in out mudroom!its 4 24 cases.
b) Go back to the brick and get a refund for 80$ for my install that didnt happen with my furniture.
c) Call my RMT from my massage and get her to reissue my RMT receipt for my massage. my orginal receipt was in my car when it was stolen. 80$
d) Find a coin changer machine. Patricks and my loose change anything smaller then a 1$ gets thrown in a old dishwashing tabs container. Guessing 20$ its super heavy.

So i'm hopeing that i'll be able to come up with just under 200$ by the time I get my money back. Thanks world.

I plan on haveing lunch with my dad and maybe haveing an afternoon nap in that country air. Dinner is only going to be left overs from last night. I made a big casserole to get us through a few days.

Monday, August 16, 2010


So i've been doing phsyio for the past 6 weeks!!!

My range of motion is waaaaaay better. I can move and reach. Lifting is a huge problem still. My clinic has recently added another phsyiotherapist. I have never before had a male "doctor". But this is kinda different.

So I got switched over to him as my phsyiotherapist because of the way my hours at work are. I've never felt comfortable talking with a male about my body. But there was something about Sean that made me reconsider. He is SUPER professional. Usually with my shoulder there isnt much touch and feel its me doing exercises. Then him watching and coaching. He hasant had a chance to get digging around in there yet. Kim was doing that before. So today I got put on a brand new set of exercies. My body had NO idea what was going on. I couldant even explain it. It was like cutting up a whole chicken and popping the drumstick off. No other way to explain it.

So I know this sounds stupid. Really I know it does I got in the car and called myself an idiot.

I was terrified to have him touch me. For someone to give me a hug is fine. But to have a guy put both hands under my shoulder and feel all my muscles moving was another story for some reason. I dont know why. Nothing was wrong it was just something that never ever happens. He was totally calm and cool about it. Everytime I wasant able to describe soemthing he was able to figure it out by holding is hand against my shoulder and letting me do the exercise and could tell me what it was. All in all I can say it was pretty cool. I though I knew and understood my body pretty well but it turns out I had no idea. I never took bio beyond highschool so I have no real understanding of how the human body works.

Anyway, I know this is a huge note of no real point I just needed to get it out.

Anyway I decided I decided on the way home that I feel perfectly fine with Sean as my phsyiotherapist. He's seems to be very well educated and knows how to work on strengthing my shoulder!! One thing that I really like about him is when ever I dont understand how my body is working he gets out all the little models and shows me so I understand. Anyway science class is over as we say in phsyio.

My advice for the world: Know your body. Take time to figure things out!! Take care of your body!

My words of advice: The people who go through life thinking bad things wont happen to them are fools.

Happy Monday!

Well today was the start of another week! I was back to work early today and spent the afternoon about an hour at phsyio. Picked up some groceries and things at home depot and came home.

I was thinking while I was driving to phsyio today how lucky and truely blessed I am. The weather was awesome and it was so just sunny and bright! I was blessed with an amazing supportive family. An awesome boyfriend who truly means the world and is the reason the world turns for me. Patrick is truely the man God put on the earth for me! A career which I can grow into. Friends that I can truely count on & a dog I lovw every much!

I was thinking that Darius Rucker's song Alright was pretty fitting. I dont need the best things in the world i'm perfectly happy with what I have.

Alright, Alright
Yeah it's alright, alright

Don't need no five star reservations
I've got spaghetti and a cheap bottle of wine
Don't need no concert in the city
I've got a stereo and the best of Patsy Cline
Ain't got no caviar no Dom Perignon
But as far as I can see, I've got everything I want

Cause I've got a roof over my head,
the woman I love laying in my bed
And it's alright, alright
I've got shoes under my feet
Forever in her eyes staring back at me
And it's alright, alright
And I've got all I need
And it's alright by me

Maybe later on we'll walk down to the river
Lay on a blanket and stare up at the moon
It may not be no French Riviera
But it's all the same to me as long as im with you

It may be a simple life, but that's okay
If you ask me baby, I think I've got it made

Cause I've got a roof over my head,
the woman I love laying in my bed
And it's alright, alright
I've got shoes under my feet
Forever in her eyes staring back at me
And it's alright, alright
And I've got all I need
And it's alright by me

It's alright by me, yeah yeah
When I lay down at night I thank the Lord above
For giving me everything I ever could dream of

Cause I've got a roof over my head,
the woman I love laying in my bed
And it's alright, alright, alright, alright
I've got shoes under my feet
Forever in her eyes staring back at me
And it's alright, alright, alright
And I've got all I need, yeah
I've got all I need
And it's alright by me
Oh yeah, it's alright by me

So, Patricks working late tonight I plan on doing some major baking! Then having dinner ready for him when he gets home. I'd rather eat late with him then eat by myself!!! French style breaded pork tenderloin. PS. the secret is in the butter!! The more the better! Best dinner ever!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday the 13th!

Does anyone out there believe in Friday the 13th?

Today thruthfully wasnt a bad unlucky day for me today.

An end to a hetic week for sure. For once my weekend actually falls on a Saturday Sunday! I'm back to work for 2 days next week then off for another 2. Then into inventory! I'm actually excited for inventory this year. This year not only am I prepping steel again for inventory i'm actually doing the steel count with the managers... The only non manager doing steel count! YES. Way to be Katelyn... More tasks and duties = future promotion. = Future management salary = awesome.

My shoulder is doing better. I'm doing phsyio now 4x a week. Its a lot of long a$$ days but really worth it. I'm working back on the floor now but still not in the way I used to. My shift has changed and my duties but i'm back on the floor taking care of my dept. It looked so sad without me.

No word on my car yet folks. Monday marks 7 days after 14 days if it hasant been found i'll hear about what were going to do day 15. I drove around today for a couple of hours. I think I visited every low rental scummy apt ghetto type area of Peterborough. Never saw my car. So scum of Peterborough where is it? The police are driving down my street a lot more. They drove by in the middle of the night with the spot lights on... I wont lie it was scary as hell the light lit up the entire room.

Well its the start of the weekend. Patricks still working and working late. I have nothing planned for dinner yet. Pizza maybe or just soup dont know. Maybe i'll head over to the ex and check out the tractor pull ?? Dunno. Anyway thats it i'm excited for the weekend :)

Monday, August 9, 2010

Summer lovin, had me a blast!

Summer loving had me a blast! This summer has been one to remember for sure!!! So many experiences!!! Be prepared for this blog to be all over the place.

There is a few things I still have to tackle to make this summer feel complete. Which I am very excited about!!! So many things have happened its kinda crazy! I learned this summer how very much I appreciate my family and my awesome boyfriend. Patricks even taught me a lot about myself.

July has drawn to a close and August is into full swing. Bringing with it the quick end to the summer and some cooler nights. The Peterborough exhibition is on this coming weekend! I'm excited to have the ex just down the road from me! I'm sure tons of our friends and family will be stopping by as were soooo close. Maybe for some ribs and cold beers?

My aunt and father have gotten me into full swing with home canning this year. I've so far been able to tackle, strawberry, raspberry/blackberry and blue berry. Relish made with ginger thats super yummy!!! Plus I have some pickles on the go at dads. ** If anyone has old crocs with lids in tact.. i'm in the market.. ** I still have some canned peaches that i'm going to try and make peach jam out of them. I'm excited that my cold room downstairs is filling up! I hope my Grandmother is proud of me. I'll make it onto pies next summer I promise!

I've been blueberry picking with my aunt at the end of my vacation 3 hours in the sun left me waaay to burnt. But made for some awesome jam and even better conversation. Plus some wedding planning. She pulls off awesome country weddings.
No world I'm not engaged. But its been talked to in detail between Patrick and I. Were just waiting for all of the crazy wedding/ baby/ house stuff to settle down in our group of friends.

Patricks work is still in full swing with no sign of slowing down. 5-6AM starts and finishing up between 7-10PM makes for long days!!! Maybe our porch and fence will get done in the fall?? When he has more then a Sunday off!

My cousin is pregnant again! I've been wondering for the last month. I figured something was up! My dad plays with Rachelle and I can tell he wants to be a grandpa pretty bad!! But not for a few years!

My other cousin is getting married in September! I'm so excited for the wedding!! I ended up finding my dress while on vacation! Its very simple navy strapless with a sweetheart neckline! Falling just below the knee. I have a pair of red heels and red flower clip i'm excited to use to pin my hair up!! This will be my first Italion wedding! As the bride is italion! Wont lie, I'm excited for a 9 course meal, top shelf liquor and a lovely wedding and reception.

My car was stolen the other night. No sign at all of it. We've driven around to some pretty slummy houseing parking lots looking for it. But so far no sign. Scum of Peterborough you prevail. Its been 3 nights with little to no sleep so i'm hopeing tonight will be better! Wish me luck with insurance adjustors tommorow!

My shoulder is getting better and i'm excited to get back to work. I'm still on modified duties but at least i'm back on the merch floor. With a visit this week!! I just need to figure out how to get to phsyio this week in Lakefield without a car.... Hummm thinking caps on!

Our new furniture has arrived and looks AWESOME and is super comfy!! I was able to have a quick nap the other night on it!!

Anyway way to much has gone on for 1 post. So more to follow later on! I'm off to bed hopefully. I figured if I wrote out a long blog I would be able to get some of car stress off!!

Night world. Please let me get some sleep tonight!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Stolen Car

Yea my car was stolen. Fuck the scum of Peterborough. I hate you. I hope you get caught you little bastards.

That is all.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Well I wont lie. Today is the very first official day of my vacation!!! My other days have just been my regular dsays off!!

Tuesday: SO today I slept in!!! A must for vacation! I have a hair appt at 1! I'm splurging and going to a nice salon to get my hair done! One of the girls i'm friends with does hair there and her prices are cheaper so its all good! Then I'm heading to the mall to do some shopping! :) Dinner with Patrick tonight!

Wednesday: I'm planning on heading to dads for a nice visit and lunch!! Planning on having a nap in the hammock **Love** then to the best spa around for a 1 hour massage! RMT of course a little bit of cost up front but i'm writing it off to my benefits at work!!! So i'll get it back in a couple weeks!!

Thursday: I have phsyio Lunch with a friend and double pedicures booked:)

Friday: The start to the long weekend!!! I'm spending the morning making a quick batch of peach jam! Its going to be great!! A little bit of jam, packing, grocery shopping and an hours drive north to the best cottage for a long weekend birthday party.

Saturday, Sunday, Monday a long weekend at the cottage! Were leaving for the cottage around 6 PM friday night! We have bought a ton of fire works, stock piled wood, have piles of beach towels, sunscreen, gasoline, waterskiis, jet skiis, wakeboards, Steves new boat, bug spray all ready to go!!!

Am I excited to go back to work next week ??? Not really! I'm looking forward to this week waaaaay to much!!!

Sunday, July 25, 2010


Well world it seems I am for the first time ever not taking a payout for my vacation and actually taking VACATION!!!

Can you tell i'm a bit excited! I'm not due back at work untill the wednesday after the long weekend! Even then I only work 4 days and then have another weekend!

Do I have anything planned or am I going away everyone asks?? Plans yes, going away no! I have 3 phsyio appts. Plus 2 massages booked. I plan on sleeping in going out for lunch and getting caught up on some berry picking and jam making.

Anyway thats it for now!!! Patrick is heading out to look at a few income properties and i'm going to enjoy a nice shower and pack for the cottage and head out there to enjoy some family time!!!

PS I miss water skiiing like NO tommorow!! No competitions or starting on 1 ski this summer :(

Anyway i'm off to the lake :)

Monday, July 19, 2010

450 Edison.

Well folks.

Our little house has truely become a home! Our washer dryer is arrived and installed!!! I spent a better part of doing laundry amongst entertaining yesterday! It works fantastic! Its so great not to have to lug laundry across the county to get it done!

Thursday I ventured out to an aunction hall in my hometown. There was a little table and chairs set that was up for auction that I had been waiting for for 3 weeks. It ended up being the very last thing of the night to be auctioned off. Well worth the wait though. Its uber cute! My plan at some point is to paint it green or brown the chairs and table legs. Maybe one day when I have nothing to do. I managed to get some help from my dads and aunts and Uncles to get it loaded into my dads truck and tied down. I left my car at my dads for the night and made the venture home to Peterborough! I lost nothing and it didnt move around to badly or get scratched!

Saturday we had a super heros jack and jill for friends before they get married!!! Very good! I'm glad to hear they raised enough cash to pay for thier wedding bands out of it!! We ended up walking most of the way home across town! Untill the bride and groom picked us up as we were stumbling home! A few blocks away from our house!

Sunday our friends the bride and groom came over and spent the afternoon here. I did laundry in and amongst entertaining all day. None of us felt very good except for Tonya who didnt drink!!! So we basically just laid around watching movies, snacking, doing laundry and making dinner!

Today I'm curled up on the couch blogging for a bit then heading to the farm shortly! I plan on raiding my aunts giant raspberry and blackberry patch! I'm excited to make a big batch of jam again!!! Lunch with my dad and then off to phsyio in the afternoon. I'm heading to Walmart in the afternoon i need to get some more of the under the bed sliding containers!! and Maybe a new Vaccum!!!

Anyway I'm off!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

House update

Well there comes a time in every couples lives to go and pick out furniture together...

Tonight Patrick and I had a great time scooting around town to go and pick out our new furniture. We've been looking for a long time but decided today were not coming home till we order something tonight! Our old lazy boy couch was about as dead as dead can be...

We ended up picking out a sectional on sale at the Brick. One thing I learned about Patrick is he just wants me to be happy! He had a bit of imput but basically left it up to me. My selling point was comfort, service plan, price and service while shopping! Lets face it the girl at the brick well ROCKED! After all the months of looking she was the best i've met!!! So our new sectional arrives somewhere around the 21st depending on when it comes in!!!

Our washer dryer should be here in the next couple of days its only a year old (Pats parents neighbours are moving and his dad got a huge deal on it!)So Pats dad graciously bought us the washer dryer as a housewarming present!!!

Anyway not much is new. I'm still a gimp at work. Not waterskiing, not wakeboarding this summer kinda sucks now because of my shoulder!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Rhomboid strain

well let me tell you this sucks!!!!

I'm not able to lift anything with my one arm!! I have laundry stacking up and need to get groceries!!!!! Well thank god for an excellent man I have to help me do everything tonight!!!!

Friday, June 25, 2010

stupid stupid stupid me!!!!

Well world. I fucked my shoulder today at work. I spent a good part of the morning at the hospital in the ER. Not impressed all I did was reach a little too far. Then try and lift something heavy. Stupid me.. The worst part... I've done it a million times before... Grrreat. So I just found out i'm spending the next couple weeks restricted limitations on the door. So stop by i'll be the girl trying to smile looking completely out of her element.

So tommorow. I'm starting at 10 am working till 6:30 :( So much for being off at 12:30 in the afternoon...

I also found out the stretched out arm out on side sleeper I am dosant work.. Not with this sore muscle... So still no sleep... Hopefully tonight will be better.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Flowers :)

I really do love flowers :) I have 2 dozen long stemmed roses all cut and looking pretty in my awesome vase in my kitchen! I love my Patrick! Plus my bestie KLang ended up giving me an orchid!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

The bitchy Waiter!

Good Afternoon all!!

I wont lie just woke up from a nap not really awake BUT! I just got a reply from a blog I follow!! The bitchy waiter. If you have ever have worked in food service you will understand this guys blog!!! I emailed him told him I love it and that it was awesome :) PLUS that it should be a book!!! Well now if he ever gets it turned into a book I get a free one!!! Wahoooo

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Money it just makes circles.

Money... It just makes circles...

Yesterday I managed to go shopping and spent 153$ today I most of it back from 1 birthday present. You spend it and it just comes back weather its a paycheck, investments, bonus, gifts, lottery etc. Its great to save but remember its just money.

Work to live Not Live to work.

Its my birthday!!!

Well its my birthday and i'll cry if I want to!!!

Well I have no intention of crying today!!!!

Its been a great day so far!!! I head back to work tommorow and have been having a great couple days off!!! Yesterday I went birthday shopping for myself!!! I managed to get 4 pairs of pants for work. All for under 53$ with tax!!! I love side walk sales!!! I also treated myself to an Olympic hoody and new sheets and some nice comfy socks!! 153$ for 1 days shopping I consider my money well spent!!!

This morning Patrick surprised me with a Wii game i've been wanting!!!I've allready put a couple hours on it and its only 8am!!!! We have dinner planned for tonight and he said i'm getting another gift :)

Anyway! I'm off to the farm! I have some laundry packed up to be done :) (We get the washer dryer at the end of June finally!!!) So i'm off to visit dad for day and have our weekly lunch together!!! Maybe a visit with my aunts and hopefully maybe a quilting lesson??? Maybe??

Happy birthday me!!!!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Finally the dog wrecked something in the house..

My lovely dog finally wrecked something in the house. We left her home today when we went to the cottage. We left late and planned to be home early being gone maybe 5 hours. Well Our lovely dog we left out of the crate in the sunroom.... Yup she clawed the shit out of my beauty of a frosted pannel glass door....

Well If we have been in the House since April 1st this is the only thing she has damaged I consider this good... But she better stay away from my 10 inch floor trim..

Hummm how to fix?? Sandpaper and paint???

Friday, June 11, 2010

Shopping Night!!!

Well its the Rebate cheque time of the year! My 2% back on my executive card I'm going to cash in tonight!!! TV stand and a Wii maybe??? 199 for the stand 149 for the wii! Oh Projection alarm clock.... Costco has one for 19$ I'm trying to figure how to put a shelf in on my side of the bed against the wall... a corner mount one i'm guessing. I think Patrick is getting sick of my rolling over him everytime it goes off at 3am to get up and head to work!!!

All we need is yogurt, cheese, butter and bread. Were well stocked on everything else! Maybe some flour and sugar i've been doing a lot of baking and maybe a set of tin load pans if I can find them cheap.. I'm hopeing to make a bunch of bannana and ruhbarb loaf.

Zellers! I'm hopeing to find some of the long skinny storage boxes that go underneath the bed I'm going to try and put extra sweaters in them and clear out our dressers a bit.

Summer/ Fall 2010 Bucket list

So Christina has inspired me to write down my bucket list for summer 2010!

These were all things that Patrick and I had talked about doing this summer and a few of my own I had in mind!!!

1) Camping trip to Presquile park with Family. *** Planned and booked*** 2nd last weekend of July
2) Camping trip to Tonyas cottage August long weekend!
3) Find the ULITMATE wedding present! My cousin is getting married and it WILL be the wedding of the summer!!! He has told us to eat like kings at the 7 course dinner I love BIG FAT Italion weddings :)
4) Build Front porch. *** Planned its just working it into R&J's schedule and doing the foot work! PS were going with Western Red Cedar and Not ugly effin cheap ass spruce!!!
5) Purchase roller blades and learn how to roller blade i'm going to buy roller blades in the next few nights!!! This is something that i'm hopeing to be able to go and do with the dog every night!!!
6) Road trip to Ktown. Klang is on vaca the 19th and i'm hopeing to meet up with her here in Ptbo then follow her up the 401 to Kingston.
7) Tranny check and tune up/ oil change! ** Need to book and do this ASAP.
8) Stain my shelves and quilt rack i've been putting off forever!!
9) Vaughan Mills shopping trip!!! There is a couple of things I need to go pick up!
10) Depot visitation! Can do at any time just bring steel toes and name badge.
11) Spend some of my vaca back at the cottage.
12) Learn how to water ski.... STARTING on 1ski. Lets cut some wake baby!
13) Get more confident on the wake board! Lets face it i'm still sucky. Its way different then water skiing.
14) Tackle the upstairs bedroom and bath. Were thinking about renting it out during the school year. Private bedroom and bath for 8 months with meals could make us some serious cash to pay down extra on the mortgage.
15) Maybe Maybe Maybe get a puppy? Maybe? I think ones enough for now.. If I dont end up with a serious Sup job come after thanksgiving this is something i'll consider.
16) Be a better person. Big brothers/sisters or girl guides volunteer maybe. The reading tutor program schedule isnt working for me.
17) Learn how to quilt. This is a big one. I'm hopeing I can start making a quilt. My aunt and cousin has made 2 for me and this is a talent i'm hopeing to pick up.
18) Gym membership maybe?? Maybe... I'll see how my devotion to roller blading works out...
19) Rowing coach.. I've been ask a couple of times and turned it down... I really wouldant have a life. As it would take up my afternoon/ evenings BUT I would still have a 3.5 hour window every day to get stuff done after work before practice. Hummmm what to do Must talk to John and Bill.. Thats going back to the whole be a better person bit...
20) Read. I found a novel called the quilt. I'm excited to read it. Apparently I gave to to my grandma when I was younger... my name was in it so it came back to me... :) Miss my grandma. :(

Hopefully now that i've wrote this down I might accomplish it...

Monday, June 7, 2010


Wow so its been a busy few. Days... I'm sure no one out there is reading this nor cares but I think my blog has turned into my kinda diary or something.

Yesterday at work was quite possiably the most busy crazy day I have had since pre open!!! No power blew a transformer. Loaded then unloaded 5 reifer trucks... Time to give myself a little pat on the back. BUT.... NO product loss!!! Way to be team!!! good job!!! Saving us thousands... By the way .. Meyers transport = AWESOME! So needless to say a wack of overtime later I went home slept and went back to work today... I need to remember to eat sometime today.. Living off of coffee and a can of soup for 2 days isnt cutting it.

So yea.. Today was great possiably best purchase ever was a set of French Corning ware for ........ drumroll..... 12.97$ yes a 15 pc set all to my own!!! Less then a dollar per peice!!! STEAL!

Well I'm off for another can of soup a nap and maybe watch Dear John tonight!! Finally!!!


Thursday, June 3, 2010

WOW!! a days notes!

Today has been the end of my 7 day stretch and the start of my weekend!!!

Todays day at work was well.. a day. One of my very good friends was doing a building check. Basically walk around the building and check the doors to make sure they havant been tampered with. Well today when walking the back of the building my dear friend was jumped from behind by 2 young punks. They managed to get at him while hiding in the woods. They took his wallet broke his glasses and ripped his shirt. Hes going to have some pretty bad bruises in the next few days.

What punks. This really put a damper on my day!!! What a shitty thing to happen to such an awesome friend and great guy!! Anyway I hope the police find something. They brought in dogs and forensics.

Anyway It sucks. I hope work pays him back for whatever cash and the value of his things.

On the horizon for the weekend. Cleaning, yardwork, laundry, shopping and dragon boats and burgers and brews after with the team.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Heads up!! Turtle crossing

Just a heads up for everyone!!! Remember when your driving to keep and eye for all the baby turtles out crossing the roads!!

I saved one today!! If your going to help a turtle across the road make sure you take the baby turtle by the tail and pull it in the direction it was going NOT the direction it came from it will go back across the road again. Then turn it back in the direction it was going!

Make sure you watch for traffic to avoid getting yourself or your vehicle hit!!

Thanks for caring!!


I wanted to blog about how excited I am for 2 of my close friends thier house closed today and they officially have the keys and are on the way out there now!!! I'm excited to go and help them move tommorow!!! I cant wait to see it the listing looks great and I cant wait!!! I hope the painting goes great this afternoon!!!

Congrats Mike and Ariel!!!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Grandparents day!!!

So today I went at my grandparents house. The basement had a lifetime of junk in it.

Lets face it most of it went in a dump cart. Who needs your 1974 tax return?? Or picked carrots from years gone by?

What I did find was some awesome things of my grandfathers... Papers, speeches, it goes on. My grandfather has always been an amazing public speakers serving on endless councils, federations, county council, OFAH. It just goes on.

I managed to find some of his speeches in my grandmothers handwriting!!! lol.

So with all my summer cleaning at thier house my aunts and I managed to shed a few tears, breath in waaay to much dust, find a HUGE store of mason jars... :) and have a trip down memory lane. We kept the copies of his speeches. I'm thinking a tattoo is in order this summer.

Something meaningfull I have yet to decide what it will say. But in my grandmothers handwriting of which I have a TON for Megan to use to make my tattoo!!!!

Also I did find a few things to add to my home some old photos :) Gifts I got back that I had given to them once upon a time. Maybe just maybe I can get the snowglobe in the basement if no one wants it??? Oh and a old bottle of scotch and a bottle of bacardi that my dad had stored there in some boxes... My fine collection of unopened bottles continues :)