Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Finally a weekend.

Finally my weekend is here!

Tuesday afternoon at 12:30 I left work for my weekend 2 days!

I'm excited to do nothing but sleep in, walk the dogs in the sun down by our new house. Catch up on some movies, laundry, reading and puppy time :). I have a bit planned for the next 2 days. Returning a pots and pans set to Canadian Tire as we got a much better deal from Costco. Going out to my dads hopefully to measure the oil tank. Lunch with my old man. Tommorow afternoon were going back to the house for our final inspection before closing. I need to measure a bunch of things and inspect a few things and take some photos.

As far a the house goes everything is moving along fine. Just waiting till our closing day. Our intrest rate went down another tenth of a percent to 3.69 %!

We've accumalated quite a few new things.
Pots and pans, cutlery, kitchen cooking utensils, baking sheets all sizes and shapes, pyrex dishes and lids sets. Plate set. New bedroom comforter and sham set. Photo frames. Its been a fun week going out and finding everything. My biggest score was at Hendrix. If you go to home outfitters etc you expecting to pay upwards of 14$ for kitchen cooking utensils: IE: flippers, skimmers, tongs, whisks etc. I managed to snag restaurant quality (high heat) for peanuts. I left with 13 items for 43$ with tax. All sorts of serving spoons, tongs, can opener etc.

I need to go back to all my lists and start crossing things off!

I cant wait to move, have a kitchen back and start baking and cooking like a rock star again.

Little miss country girl gave me an idea for meal plan Mondays. Lets see if I can adopt the idea and start baking and cooking away again. If I got one talent from my grandmother it was how to bake. I cant wait.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

House stuff!

So Its been a few days!

The last few days have moved fairly quickly!

The sold sign is up on the house! We are just waiting to close. I met yesterday with our legal secretary and set up a meeting to close. We decided to purchase title insurance and had it explained to us in more detail.

We started shopping for a few must have things. We picked up a microwave and a set of glasses we really like. The glasses remind us of Na (Pats grandmother) a lot. Were happy to have those. The Microwave was exactly the size and color we wanted and on sale at Home Depot!

I didnt know a whole lot about the legal end of buying a house untill the last few weeks. I wasant sure if it was like the television shows where everyone sits around the table and swaps money keys paperwork etc. It turns out that we never meet the seller. The lawyers handle it all for us!

We go in on Wednesday March 31st to do our end of the closing drop off money etc sign everything. On closing day Patricks going to go to work and I get to pick up the keys sometime early afternoon from the lawyers as i'm off!! I'm going to go over to our new house and clean it from top to bottom. Its not bad now I just want to clean it before everything gets moved in.

Good Friday is MOVING DAY for us. Were starting early in the morning. Everyone is off work that day and has offered to help!

I'm off to take the dog to the vet today to get caught up on all her shots and take her for a walk maybe through our new neighbourhood! Were hopeing she will adjust well!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Misc. things.

The ROOM! The room of things I will not use untll I have a house.

My brothers hate this room. Its my bed room at my dads packed to the rafters of boxes storage totes, furniture, etc. My brothers threatened to clean this room out on me at Christmas... It didnt go over so well. I need to start go through this old room and figure out what will be moved to the new house! What can stay at dads. What furniture, fixtures, clothing will be given away. This room will quite possiably take up a great % of my time untill closing.

Antiques at the barn and craft works.

This location is just down the road from Pats parents house. I stopped there yesterday and picked up soooooo MANY decorateing ideas! The look in the new house that were going for is modern country. Deep browns light browns green etc. With a ton of ORGINAL HARDWOOD! This will be really easy to acheive!

I'm going to start picking up accent peices to to match our new home!

Regarding furniture:

Were not purchasing new furniture right away. We have a newer older couch and chair. We want to live in the house for awhile and really feel how we want our living room set up!

Peices were thinking about purchasing:
Kitchen table and chairs.
Coffee table.
Book case
Entertainment unit..

..... I have expensive tastes I wont lie all of this furniture will proablly be handcrafted wood.

Accent peices:

Peel and stick quotes.
I have a few ideas. I want these to go in the right spots with the right sayings. So we need to think about exactly what we want them to say.

Hellen Keller photo frame: Patrick thinks this frame should say I'm blind and deaf life sucks. But its much more touching. For the actual saying I need to go back to Bennetts and find it again!


My lists: Things to buy for home safety.

So here goes SOME of my big long lists of lists.
It feels good to comfortably write out everything that needs to be done/packed/purchased etc.

To buy: Home Safety:
2 Deadbolts.
2 New door locks
4 Screechers.
3 Smoke detectors
2 Carbon monoxide detectors
3 Fire extinguishers.

My friends picked up for thier apt what I have deemed a screecher. It gets mounted on the door and the frame its 2 peices. It basically has an on/off switch. If the door gets opened and breaks the connection when switched to on. God forbit your standing near it because it has a super loud screeching alarm sound to alert you and wake you from the dead. If its switched to off the connection will not break and its not going to go off. We have decided to put these on the 2 outside doors and the 2 basement windows.

Always change your locks when your move into a new home. ALWAYS you never know who has a key to your house! Not just the old owners but thier family, quite likely your neighbours, any old contractors and maybe an old co worker or dog walker!

Were adding dead blots from the inside! Not just a dead bolt lock with a number pad!

Smoke detectors must be on every level and outside every sleeping area. We plan to put on in the hallway outside every bedrooms (upstairs and main floor. In the kitchen, somehow im not sure I dont want it going off every time there is steam or the stove opens... An additional one will go in the basement.

Carbon monoxide detectors will go outside the bedroom on the main level and in the basement as carbon monoxide settles close to the floor as its a heavy gas. NEVER CRAWL if this alarm is going off.

We plan to purchase 3 fire extinguishers for our new home. Door to the basement, main level and upstairs these all have to be mounted cannot sit on anything and have be placed by an exit!

Home buying

Well it has been an ULTRA busy week for Patrick and I! Last Thursday a house came on the market. We were through it on Friday night and had an offer on it at 1pm Saturday and an ACCEPTED offer by 8PM that Saturday night.

We ended up switching realators in the last few months to working with Patricks cousin who is by FAR fantastic! I for sure reccomend him to anyone looking in the Peterborough area! He is young and HUNGRY! So he was excellent and getting us through the process and checking in with us periodically to see how we were doing!

Lets face it there was some nights that I spent feeling sick to my stomach over this huge investment!

So to jump ahead our offer was conditional upon having a satisfactory home inspection, upon satisfactory financing, upon satisfactory home insurance. With no penalty upon our deposit and that it will be returned in full at any time.

So now we have Verbal approval for our first mortgage.* Were waiting on the papers to arrive in Peterborough!
We have had our home inspection and our completely satisfied with that! A few minor things have to be completed! But nothing major with the exception of redoing the front porch which is pulling away from the house! The Oil tank needs to be replaced we have up to 90 days to complete this after closing! Our home insurance is taken care of.

Its almost Friday condition day!! Patrick has a huge job at work today! He wont be home till almost 11 Pm a 16 hour day! So were going down tommorow at 2:30 to sign off on the mortgage and fax our fullfillment of conditions away!!!

Can your feel my excitment!!!

I have stacks and stacks and stacks of list its actually quite redic!

Stay tuned for my next blog MY LISTS!