Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween.

Ohh to go back to the days of trying to decide of the perfect costume to fit over your snowsuit....

Well now that I say i've grown up. Which this year proved to me that I have.
TOday has been busy. Pat and I spent the morning in bed curled up watching cartoons. Cooked had breakfast and did some laundry BUT the best part we carved a sea of jacks. my driveway is lined with pumpkins orange and purple lights, caution tape and spiderwebs adorn the porch candy is ready and music just needs to be cued. I'll be sitting on the porch with the mask from the saw movie talking to kids... WOULD YOU LIKE TO PLAY A GAME? o yes. I am excited. Our friends are coming over and one has a disgustingly sick mask. Its a dead doll. Ugggggh shudder. Okay time to bake the garlic bread and serve up spaghetti for dinner. Its time to get ready for the trick or treaters!!!

Be safe and watch out for all the little ghosts and gouls tonight!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Secret Santa.

Well World.

I encourage you all to stop by

Serendipity's been writing this blog on PF and life for sometime. She was one of the first bloggers I started to follow.

She has come up with a wonderfull idea of having us in the blogging community take part in a secret santa project. Its been years since I participated in one of these!!

I sent Serendipity my address and a list of things about me so that my secret santa can get to know me better. I'm hopeing I can make some new friends in the blogging world out there!!!

So as the holiday season draws closer i'll focus on Halloween for now! But on the 1st of November I am full swing into christmas!!! I am super excited to decorate our house for the first time!!! I think I am most excited to wake up in a home Pat and I own on Christmas morning for the first time!!

Stay tuned for my big blog on my Christmas decorating plan for our new home!!!

For now,

Happy Halloween!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Well tonight I had a brush of excitment.

I had a knock at the door. The dog was upstairs and didnt come down barking like normal. I opened the inside door and talked to the gentlemen through the screen.

Has anyone heard of the scam going on about hot water tanks door to door. If not long story short these people get into your house look at your hot water tank while pretending to be with your current provider. But they arent they are actually with the competition. After scamming you into signing with them they leave and your signed into a 5 yr contract. Or they come back and rob you blind after caseing your house.

SOOOOO I explained to the guy that I didnt feel comfortable having him come into the house with no one else home. He then actually opened the screen door and tried to get into the living room... I held my ground. I was quite impressed at myself. Anyway after me trying to get his name and telephone number or a business card he finally left. So I stepped back from the door waiting to see which direction he went I didnt see him walkdown the driveway. I opened the door to see if he had walked across my neighbours lawn to his driveway but no! ...... He was standing at the corner of the house where I couldant see him! I'm wondering if he was caseing the place and looked in our back windows or in the back yard. I felt really uncomfortable and called the police immediately.

So that phone call to the Peterborough Police didnt go so well. I was told that it was shift change time which I get but there was not an officer advaiable to come out and find this guy walking around and check his information or stop by my house or something.

So tonight world I will be sleeping with a louisville slugger under the bed... No guns or pots and pans for this girl...

Monday, October 25, 2010

What a fab weekend!

I have absolutely no idea where to begin!!! I had such such such a wonderfull weekend! It was the best way to start all fall weekends coming up.


I got the house clean and we sat down to watch the wolverine movie.


A day of work! Mary- Anne stopped in with Alex and and we visted for a few hours. Patrick came home early from work and played with Alex with our giant collection of transformers. Patrick was absolutely wonderfull with Alex (my gfs 2yr old!) I was so proud of him!! I know one day he will be such a good father! Patrick headed outside to clean up the back yard! It looks fantastic! Grass is cut dog poop is gone and leaves are raked! We had pizza, garlic bread and ceaser salad for dinner! Yummy!

Phantom Farm: That night we picked up Laura, Rory and Rorys younger brother Nathen and headed out to phantom farms! We took a quick tour on the hayride and lined up for the barn! It was barely raining when we were in line and it was a great night!!! Nathen's first time through the barn and hes only 14! He did so well!!! He was in the middle of our crew and I was holding onto Pat for dear life! The characters all the way through held onto Nathen back like it was me! We managed to get outside and I told him that it was the guys in the barn not me. That kid jumped like 25 feet in the air! It was the most funny thing ever! I ended up talking with the owner Laura that night! She was super nice and personable! Its all about networking folks.... I may have drummed up a new contact for work! ~We headed back to Laura and Rorys had some drinks and pizza and watched the fight!!! Such a good night!

Sunday: Pat and I slept in for once! It was so nice to just stay in bed! Patrick ended up making me breakfast! Super yummy bacon eggs toast and my homemade jam! We lazed around the house watching the race and never got out of our pjs all day! We had full intentions of doing a cash side job in the afternoon and lifting a dock but Pats going to do it after work with Mattie none of us wanted to venture out in the rain! I made the most delish dinner. I marinated a pork roast all day in pineapple. It was super yummy! Acorn squash with walnuts and maple syrup! Cheesy mashed potatos with Cilantro and all sorts of veggies with honey mustard! I cant wait to have left overs for lunch today! It was actually delish! I ended the night curled up in bed watching Hocus Pocus my favorite Halloween movie!

All in all it was the best weekend ever to start the fall! Today is markdown Monday and i'm headed into work to see what sort of deals can be had! :) Best shopping day ever!

I'm planning to sit down with Patrick and do a Christmas budget and plan out gifts for our family! I can start decorating for Christmas Sunday morning after Halloween i'm so excited!!!

I have a big post coming up at somepoint!!! :)

Friday, October 15, 2010

Happy Friday!

Wow! Its been a short week and I only have 1 short day of work left tommorow! Then I'm rushing home to get ready for my friends wedding in the afternoon!! I managed to find an awesome clutch tonight at the mall and well its super HOTT!

Tommorow time is going to be tight. I'm working from 6 am till 12:30 pm at the latest. Rushing home to jump in the shower bang off some hair and makeup and be at the wedding for 3PM. I'm hopeing to leave early but 12:30 is the latest i'll be leaving work. I have everything laid out a overnight bag packed and everything ready to go like an assembly line!! Its also about a 45 min drive from the house to the resort.

I read Patricks best man speech and I burst out laughing a few times this afternoon it was very well written. Very him and much so the couple. Patrick isnt a very big public speaker so I gave him a few tips before he left today I think he will do well.

Tommorow should be a good day. I'm excited to say the very least! I think i'm caught up on housework! Laundry and dishes is done! So Sunday we can just take back thier gifts! Drop off the lawn mower and come home and laze around.

So i'm heading to bed! Wish me luck for tommorow! My house is waaay to quiet tonight!!! Patrick is allready at the resort spending the night with the groom and groomsmen. The dog has all ready been dropped off at his parents house! Night Night!!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I got a feeling........

I got a feeling. That my so long single fund might be getting used :) Whhhho butterflys... Maybe ?

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Norwood Fair weekend!

WOW what a great weekend!!! A full 5 days full of work to get this massive event pulled off!!! SO much happened this weekend I feel that I grew in terms of being a person and that I truely tried to go the extra mile in the last 5 days. I was even going back today but as I drive a half hour to get there the other directors put the stop on that one.

So some of my favorite memories of the weekend! Accepting kids entires prior to judging. Being pulled around by kids I had no idea who they were to go and see thier ribbons. SUPER FUN. Watching the tractor pull with my dad. Standing in line and watching the horse draw while waiting to order the best food ever. Flying around the grounds in a golf cart with my uncle so much fun! Whomever had that idea to get golf carts for the directors was smart after all weekend of running around those golf carts saved my butt!! Pre 4H cattle show! Every year its fantastic. Steer show and sale with my family.

Least favorite memories from the weekend. Being stuck in stop and go traffic twice this weekend. Starting the weekend off with a wake and funeral. Having on way too many layers and taking my sweater to the car and losing the car in a field full of cars. Walking with the beeper trying to set off the alarm to find the car. Then falling in a giant pothole in the middle of the field. It was huge and how I missed seeing it I dont know. My ankle actually hurt for awhile and I was mad at myself for being a country girl and not seeing where my feet where going mistake #1.

Well there is now another year of planning coming up. I now have a huge list of things to do leading up to next year. To make the school fair bigger and better! I'm excited and excited for the changes coming to next years ambassador contest!

Deep fried turkey was fantastic this weekend. MMMM. This was the first year we have ever had a thanksgiving dinner in my family. we have never done this before as we are all too busy at the fair. This year dad deep fried 2 turkeys! It wasant a real dinner it was a turkey sandwich and all the fixings laid out on the counter or in the fridge eat when you get there! Its hard to time a dinner with the fair, other dinners and chores in a farming family. Dinner started at 4pm and went untill 10 that night lol.

I managed to get a few cute items and christmas tree ornaments for the house this weekend! Patrick told me I have to stop buying this stuff but its super cute! Plus its the same colors and fits with our country decor!

All things aside it was a very good weekend! I felt myself growing closer to my aunts and uncles this weekend.

Hope everyone had a great thanksgiving!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Thanksgiving weekend.

Well world its thanksgiving weekend here in Canada. This is going to be one busy weekend. Between a passing of a friend (wake and funeral) Norwood fair, Thanksgiving dinners, helping on centre peices for my friends wedding and WORKING! Wow I've been up for almost 2 hours going strong today and I have plans that carry me straight through till 10 pm tonight. Yesterday was the same.

I made myself laugh this morning. Years of working at subway paid off this am. I made enough sandwiches to feed an army of volunteers over at the fair today I have to drop those off soon and its a real balancing act in my fridge. I litterly had my kitchen table covered in bread all laid out. A super big production line of ham and cheese sandwiches. The dog was not impressed it was beyond mean to her lol.

Anyway. I need to jump in the shower and get my butt in gear. I have funeral clothes laid out but somehow I cant find my black go to heels...... anyone anyone know where they are.... I have my cute little red high heels ready to go but black is what I was hunting for...... errrgh....

Anyway world I know everyone has a busy weekend planned but everyone enjoy and have yourself a great thanksgiving!!!

Thanksgiving weekend.

Monday, October 4, 2010

The Band Perry - If I Die Young

Loss of a friend.

Below is a video by Brad and Dolly.

B, no words can explain this loss. God has called you home. All of us down here, have another angel watching over us.

For all the good times we shared together, for all those life lessons taught, smiles and tears. Rest in peace.

"When you feel like complaining about getting old. Stop and think about all those who are denied the privilege".

When I Get Where I'm Going- Brad Paisley & Dolly Parton

Friday, October 1, 2010

Say yes to the dress BIG BLISS

Happy Friday world! I am super excited for tonights premiere of Say yes to the Dress Big Bliss. Just wanted to all to know.

Some things I am thankfull for right now:

Yummy rolo cookies I am going to make tonight!
My puppy!
Ellen Degeneres!
Breast Cancer Awareness month. **Do yourself a favor! Show your pair you care! Check them out at home! Early detection is key!**
Big Bliss Say yes to the dress.
October (The best month of the year! Thanksgiving, Norwood fair and Halloween!)
Patrick! He is the best thing I could ever ask for!
Sunflowers. I have an awesome looking bouquet in my living room right now!
Fall leaves. Have you noticted the crazy awesome colors out there?

Well world have a great weekend and enjoy!