Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Well I wont lie. Today is the very first official day of my vacation!!! My other days have just been my regular dsays off!!

Tuesday: SO today I slept in!!! A must for vacation! I have a hair appt at 1! I'm splurging and going to a nice salon to get my hair done! One of the girls i'm friends with does hair there and her prices are cheaper so its all good! Then I'm heading to the mall to do some shopping! :) Dinner with Patrick tonight!

Wednesday: I'm planning on heading to dads for a nice visit and lunch!! Planning on having a nap in the hammock **Love** then to the best spa around for a 1 hour massage! RMT of course a little bit of cost up front but i'm writing it off to my benefits at work!!! So i'll get it back in a couple weeks!!

Thursday: I have phsyio Lunch with a friend and double pedicures booked:)

Friday: The start to the long weekend!!! I'm spending the morning making a quick batch of peach jam! Its going to be great!! A little bit of jam, packing, grocery shopping and an hours drive north to the best cottage for a long weekend birthday party.

Saturday, Sunday, Monday a long weekend at the cottage! Were leaving for the cottage around 6 PM friday night! We have bought a ton of fire works, stock piled wood, have piles of beach towels, sunscreen, gasoline, waterskiis, jet skiis, wakeboards, Steves new boat, bug spray all ready to go!!!

Am I excited to go back to work next week ??? Not really! I'm looking forward to this week waaaaay to much!!!

Sunday, July 25, 2010


Well world it seems I am for the first time ever not taking a payout for my vacation and actually taking VACATION!!!

Can you tell i'm a bit excited! I'm not due back at work untill the wednesday after the long weekend! Even then I only work 4 days and then have another weekend!

Do I have anything planned or am I going away everyone asks?? Plans yes, going away no! I have 3 phsyio appts. Plus 2 massages booked. I plan on sleeping in going out for lunch and getting caught up on some berry picking and jam making.

Anyway thats it for now!!! Patrick is heading out to look at a few income properties and i'm going to enjoy a nice shower and pack for the cottage and head out there to enjoy some family time!!!

PS I miss water skiiing like NO tommorow!! No competitions or starting on 1 ski this summer :(

Anyway i'm off to the lake :)

Monday, July 19, 2010

450 Edison.

Well folks.

Our little house has truely become a home! Our washer dryer is arrived and installed!!! I spent a better part of doing laundry amongst entertaining yesterday! It works fantastic! Its so great not to have to lug laundry across the county to get it done!

Thursday I ventured out to an aunction hall in my hometown. There was a little table and chairs set that was up for auction that I had been waiting for for 3 weeks. It ended up being the very last thing of the night to be auctioned off. Well worth the wait though. Its uber cute! My plan at some point is to paint it green or brown the chairs and table legs. Maybe one day when I have nothing to do. I managed to get some help from my dads and aunts and Uncles to get it loaded into my dads truck and tied down. I left my car at my dads for the night and made the venture home to Peterborough! I lost nothing and it didnt move around to badly or get scratched!

Saturday we had a super heros jack and jill for friends before they get married!!! Very good! I'm glad to hear they raised enough cash to pay for thier wedding bands out of it!! We ended up walking most of the way home across town! Untill the bride and groom picked us up as we were stumbling home! A few blocks away from our house!

Sunday our friends the bride and groom came over and spent the afternoon here. I did laundry in and amongst entertaining all day. None of us felt very good except for Tonya who didnt drink!!! So we basically just laid around watching movies, snacking, doing laundry and making dinner!

Today I'm curled up on the couch blogging for a bit then heading to the farm shortly! I plan on raiding my aunts giant raspberry and blackberry patch! I'm excited to make a big batch of jam again!!! Lunch with my dad and then off to phsyio in the afternoon. I'm heading to Walmart in the afternoon i need to get some more of the under the bed sliding containers!! and Maybe a new Vaccum!!!

Anyway I'm off!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

House update

Well there comes a time in every couples lives to go and pick out furniture together...

Tonight Patrick and I had a great time scooting around town to go and pick out our new furniture. We've been looking for a long time but decided today were not coming home till we order something tonight! Our old lazy boy couch was about as dead as dead can be...

We ended up picking out a sectional on sale at the Brick. One thing I learned about Patrick is he just wants me to be happy! He had a bit of imput but basically left it up to me. My selling point was comfort, service plan, price and service while shopping! Lets face it the girl at the brick well ROCKED! After all the months of looking she was the best i've met!!! So our new sectional arrives somewhere around the 21st depending on when it comes in!!!

Our washer dryer should be here in the next couple of days its only a year old (Pats parents neighbours are moving and his dad got a huge deal on it!)So Pats dad graciously bought us the washer dryer as a housewarming present!!!

Anyway not much is new. I'm still a gimp at work. Not waterskiing, not wakeboarding this summer kinda sucks now because of my shoulder!