Thursday, January 21, 2010


Car insurance is a necessity! From the time I got my first job way back in the day! My subway money went to car insurance gas cell phone savings and spending!

My friends car insurance due to 3 traffic infractions! Has been dropped by state farm insurance! They have given him 30 days notice to find alternate insurance to to use an alternate insurance they have found for him through another company.

His insurance has now increased 5000 $ a year! Five thousand!

His family has to all go sign that they will not let him drive any of their vehicles or farm equipment!

Be aware!

Monday, January 18, 2010

My boots!

So all winter I've either worn my steel toes my runners or my snow mobile boots!

I've wanted a pair of lamb skin boots whatever brand! I didn't really care I just wanted something warm and comfy!

I had a few gift cards for Christmas that I was going to put towards a pair at Soft Moc. But I couldant convince myself to fork out a couple hundred bucks for the ones I wanted!

I ended up finding a set of the ones we had at work that got returned! In my size in the color I wanted!

I ended up with a set of Kirkland Signature Australian lambskin boots for $11.97 plus taxes! My second best purchase from Costco EVER!!

They were super marked down and I was super lucky! It was pure luck that they were returned!

weekend recap!

FYI best weekend in such a long time!

Jeff Dunham was absolutly fantastic! I laughed I cried I loved it more then cats! Patrick was absolutely over cloud 9 we both enjoyed the time spent with each other and our best friends and our favorite puppets! Lol!

We ended up going to the boat show Saturday! We love going each year! Patricks work booth looked amazing! Super professional!

Such a great weekend!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Jeff Dunham

So tommorow night the 4 of us are off to see our favorite comedian and his puppets! I'm super excited! Patrick and I are heading off to after I finish work tommorow! We managed to get one of the empty hotel rooms his work has for the boat show! Randomly a free hotel room! Thank you Patricks work!

So after leaving work were going to drop our stuff off at the hotel! Have a fancy dinner downtown somewhere! I need to find out where and make a reservation! Then were heading over to the ACC to the show and then back to the hotel!

Sunday were spending the day at the boatshow! Free passes thanks again to Patricks work! And parking! Then home and back to work!

I'm so excited to go! Other then drinks at the ACC and dinner then lunch the next day should be a fairly inexpensive weekend! Patrick bought our tickets months ago we can almost forget how much we paid for them!
Cheers to a great weekend!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Day Off

Well Its my day off! After new years it felt like it would take forever! I managed to make it through my work week! My day of meetings yesterday and finally home to start my weekend yesterday afternoon! First and foremost I am super happy to have my days off on Wednesday and Thursday! My best friends from work are all off on the same day for starters! With my shift I start work for 4am and am finished by 12:30pm! I always have the rest of the day to do whatever!

Patricks up setting up the boat show in Toronto! He was up at 4am this morning to be out of the yard on the way to TO by 5:30am! I've been thinking about him all morning towing wide loads up to the city and into the Direct Energy Centre for the set up! He will be home super late tonight and then heading back tommorow! Usually hes home by 5:30 but with boat show mania I understand!

My day started getting him up and off to work. Needless to say the dogs who dont wake up when I get up early, were up when he was getting ready to leave. Getting them back to bed was an ordeal and a big whining fest Bandit I never thought was going to settle back to sleep.

So Im up i've had breakfast and watched an eposide of rich bride poor bride! Now im off to watch as many shows from seasons 3, 4 &5 of Reba as I can before I head out to the country.

I've planned a great evening with my family as Pat is away! I'll be heading out to dads homested for dinner and over to the arena in Norwood for both my brothers hockey games tonight! im so excited! I've only watched a few of there games this year!!!

Klienfeld's Bridal

After watching season after season Say yes to the dress has become my dirty little pleasure! Patricks mom the other day said when were planning your wedding were totally going to have to go down to NY to try and find you a wedding dress! I think I almost died on the spot.

Every girl plans her wedding years in advance. I dont think im planning too far ahead lol. I all ready have my first diamond ring! Which truthfully is big enough to be an engagement ring! God I picked a good man!

Well redic enough I decided to fire off an email to Ruth at Klienfeld. I received a reponse that guaranteed my question. My big question was one day when im shopping for a wedding dress will I be able to have a consultation with Keasha when Randy is working?! I got an immediate response the next day! YES! I am super excited. This trip im guessing is within a couple or a few years away maybe?! BUT I am super excited!!!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

new years!

Our trip to Barrie was fantastic! We had such a great time at the resort store tubing and then at the Thornly concert! I'm not one to easily part with my money! Now immediately after the concert ended there was a homeless man picking up beer bottles and cans! I parted with 20 $ asked if it would help. I've never felt like I was looking into someones soul untill he said yes. I've been called a fool over it! But there was no crowd around this man and he was simply out collecting bottles for some minimal coin. I consider that 20$ hard earned and well spent. I believe I started my new year off right! Had that man been sitting with a cup asking for change I would have done nothing but he was trying to help himself. I do feel good about it!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Boxing day deals!

Let it be known that I do love shopping! But I love boxing day deals much more! One of my girlfriends from work and I took off to the mall in search of such bargins! I think I was most happy with my 5$ tshirts! I'm super pumped about having more layers I can wear to work get dirty and not worry about!

My next other deals were a Campus Crew hoody and 2 pairs of jeans and a belt at bluenotes!

Patrick and I ended up getting a ton of gift cards for Christmas! We ended up with about 15 movies 3 seasons plug in seat warmers & 2 full gas tanks in our cars! More clothes! Movie passes! Timmies cards and a night out at Montannas! Patrick still has a gift card for Marks to go and get some work wear! Which secretly I'm hopeing he will let me use it for new steel toe boots for work! Keeping my fingers crossed!