Monday, February 22, 2010


This year again I am taking part in the Dragon Boat festival held in Peterborough! This festival is held to raise money to purchase equipment for the PHRC that is needed for the screening/ detection and or treatment of breast cancer!

Last year we had a wonderfull team that worked VERY HARD and had a great time and times on and off the water!

My Goal this year is to raise $700 in Pledges for myself! I would like to say $1000 BUT I am being realistic and starting at 700!

If you are intrested in pledging me please let me know! Most of you know where to find me!

PS look for us decked out in our PINK in the lobby at work!


35 CM of snow this week are you ready?
I only have to work tommorow then I am off for my weekend! Good thing the brunt of this snow is coming Monday- Wednesday! I intend to stock up tommorow before I leave work and spend the next few days inside if the roads are bad! Watching movies and putting a dent in my collection!

Summer time is coming!

Summer time is coming! Today we got these really cute shorts into work! Very country and totally my style! Im going to try and shop early this year for summer clothes and actually find some basic peices that I really like and can mix and match. I usually wear jeans for most of the summer between work and working out at dads. Plus I usually fake the roll up jean! No more. I need to find some basic peices.

Shopping list...

*New bathing Suit.
*Denim Capri
*Basic kakhi and tan short
*Another pair of addidas sport shorts! ** I bought these last year and they are perfect for Dragon boating! I can wear them soak them and they are almost instantly dry!

** Few tank tops and tshirts! I allready have a bunch but its nice to have some new colors!

Driving Hands Free!

Tommorow will be my first day of hands free driving! I purchased a bluetooth set from Uniden today for a whopping $16 on rebate... it works really well... Quality wasant a huge issue for me. I just wanted something to use and have in my ear in case I ever got stopped by Police. I'm quite pleased with my purchase. I figure it was okay to sacrifice some quality for savings as it wasant something I would be using all the time!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Going for gold!

This morning was great at work! All of us mIssed the hockey game last night so this am our boss called us all over and we watched the end of the 3rd OT and shoot out together at work! The sun wasant up yet but it was a great moment shared in excitment!

Jim's new rules!

Our new finance mInister has brought in new legislation regarding percentages down and mortage rates! For instance a home being bought to live in for yourself in the past the minimum you can put down was zero but having a higher interst rate and going with a fixed insted of variable rate mortage!

Now to buy a home to live in yourself you must be able to put down 10 percent! In order to receive a variable rate mortgage!

For an investment property! I hope you saved your pennies your have to put down 20 % no question!

This isn't too big of a road bump we were planning on putting down 10 or even 15 % on our home!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

movie list

Avatar done ! Absolutely fantastic the last seen in the movie when she saved him and was holding him was fantastic!

Next Dear John and when in Rome!


Patrick's knee is requireing phsyio in hopes of avoiding surgery on his knee! Were keeping this in our prayers and hopeing it resolves itself without surgery! I know he's scared about it! He's not really talking to much about it but I know there is some feelings he's not expressing! This is a headache in the makeing phsyio 3 times a week plus stretching 3 times a day for the next month untill he sees the doc again and gets another round of Xrays! I'm really gratefull for my benefits through work!

Valentines and family day!

This year valentines day falls on both the kick off of the Daytonya 500 the first official race of the 2010 NCNS racing season! So the Sunday which is Valentines day and the day before family day! I'm working in the am! Then heading home to spend my Valentines day with Patrick watching the race and rooting for each of our favorite drivers!

THEN were heading to my work family day party! Its going to be a great party with everyone we care about from work! This party is complete with an outdoor rink with our warehouse number at centre ice! Bonfire potluck late lunch! The garage kept all warm as a nice place to sit and relax! Now I need to figure how to make jello shooters! Plus find a recipe for something to bring to eat late at night! Meatballs or skor dip with apple slices maybe? Not sure need to figure something out! I also need to make a packing list for this party!

Norwood Fair

Last night was my first official night as a voting director with the school fair board! I'm helping in great detail with the ambassador competition which is a huge passion of mine! I have some great ideas that I'm hopeing bring a new fresh look to both the school fair and the ambassador competition!

Work crazyness

Work has been nothing but absolute crazyness in the last few weeks from preparing for inventory! Completeling and closeing with one of the best scores we could have imagined! To preparing for all the execs and vice presidents its been a lot of work a lot of sleepless nights and a ton of pressure! Finally now on my weekend I can finally breath and relax!