Friday, May 28, 2010

Heads up!! Turtle crossing

Just a heads up for everyone!!! Remember when your driving to keep and eye for all the baby turtles out crossing the roads!!

I saved one today!! If your going to help a turtle across the road make sure you take the baby turtle by the tail and pull it in the direction it was going NOT the direction it came from it will go back across the road again. Then turn it back in the direction it was going!

Make sure you watch for traffic to avoid getting yourself or your vehicle hit!!

Thanks for caring!!


I wanted to blog about how excited I am for 2 of my close friends thier house closed today and they officially have the keys and are on the way out there now!!! I'm excited to go and help them move tommorow!!! I cant wait to see it the listing looks great and I cant wait!!! I hope the painting goes great this afternoon!!!

Congrats Mike and Ariel!!!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Grandparents day!!!

So today I went at my grandparents house. The basement had a lifetime of junk in it.

Lets face it most of it went in a dump cart. Who needs your 1974 tax return?? Or picked carrots from years gone by?

What I did find was some awesome things of my grandfathers... Papers, speeches, it goes on. My grandfather has always been an amazing public speakers serving on endless councils, federations, county council, OFAH. It just goes on.

I managed to find some of his speeches in my grandmothers handwriting!!! lol.

So with all my summer cleaning at thier house my aunts and I managed to shed a few tears, breath in waaay to much dust, find a HUGE store of mason jars... :) and have a trip down memory lane. We kept the copies of his speeches. I'm thinking a tattoo is in order this summer.

Something meaningfull I have yet to decide what it will say. But in my grandmothers handwriting of which I have a TON for Megan to use to make my tattoo!!!!

Also I did find a few things to add to my home some old photos :) Gifts I got back that I had given to them once upon a time. Maybe just maybe I can get the snowglobe in the basement if no one wants it??? Oh and a old bottle of scotch and a bottle of bacardi that my dad had stored there in some boxes... My fine collection of unopened bottles continues :)

Royal Bank Customer Service.


Up untill 6 months ago I was really happy with the customer service at the royal bank. 6 months ago I started to feel like I was being harrased by them. For 2 weeks straight I received phone calls by a speed dailer. No one was there when I picked up. After a couple weeks I finally got a rep on the phone he was trying to sell me insurance if I was sick and couldant work. I called into customer service and and asked to be removed from all such calling lists.

Long story short that didnt happen.

The last 2 weeks my phone has not stopped ringing a total of 10 calls in 8 days. I finally had someone pick up on the speed dialer. The poor girl. I did apologize at the end of our conversation. I called back into customer serivce today to confirm that I had been removed from such lists. Didnt happen.. WOW royal great service!!!

Well today I spoke to nice women named Darlene. Darlene WOW understood me.. Her husband works nights aswell so she knows the sleep all day awake all night personality. She took the time to actually remove from the lists surveys etc.

All in all royal 2 big thumbs down!!! EPIC FAIL

Darlene thanks!!! You might be the best person I have ever talked to at the royal!!!

Anyone have horriable stories to share??

Friday, May 21, 2010

Have a great long weekend!!!

Heres to wishing you all a great and safe long weekend!!!

My plans are not to extravagant! I'm working Saturday and Sunday (off Monday) but I do plan on heading to the cottage Sunday to put the docks in! Providing the boat runs okay on the first trip of the year i'm hopeing to be the first one up on skiis and around the lake this year.

I absolutely LOVE waterskiing its something I learned to do pretty yound on a pair of skiis tied together!! I guess this comes from my dad who was pretty well known for waterskiing on the trent! I've heard a story that he could ski by the dock get a drink and set it back down empty after another swoop around the lake!!! I'm not that good for sure!!

SO here we go lets get out on the water!!!! Have a great and safe long weekend!!!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Clear Lake wetland dispute!

Disclaimer: Read ahead but this blog was written with lots of CAPS. Also if you have the opinion of the cottage association i'm sick of hearing it please keep it to yourself.

I'm sure most of you havant heard about the clear lake wetland dispute.

Well quite frankly i'm completely SICK of it.

SICK SICK SICK. I really wish that people would mind thier OWN business. Its private property.PRIVATE! How can you make it your business.

For those that havant heard about it the property in question is finally being developed. Chris bought this property lived in the city and never ever came to visit it. Finally Chris came to visit and decided to develop. This property is located on the outside of a wetland. Not a protected wetland. A wetland deemed to be important. NOT PROTECTED. His property is BESIDE not IN the wetland.

Chris added gravel to a rough road. Just added gravel and graded not built a new road. Clear cut enough space to camp on and park enough cars for a small family renunion. With the intention to plant smaller trees later on when he has everything the way he wants it.

Chris also put in 2 ECO FRIENDLY docks. The road and docks could be blogs of there own. But really who cares. Its his property he has permits for everything....


The stink has been kicked up and quite a few people are angry?

WHY ?? Because they have abused the property in the past. They have trespassed on the property walking dogs, bird watching, launching canoes etc. Now that he has re taken controll of his property these people cannot do this.

I dont get it. Its his property NOT YOURS!

Quite frankly everyone needs to go mind YOUR OWN BUSINESS!!!

If it was me..... I would clear cut everything. Put in a paved road and build a massive home. With a sign around the outside that says trespassers will be shot. Survivors will be shot AGAIN. But thats just me.

So to the TRENT SEVERN WATERWAY. Stand up for the permits you issued. Tell the world you issued them.

To all the trouble makers of the cottage association GO MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS.

Day off

Well today is my Saturday!

Yesterday was great! I ended up cooking up a fab dinner!!! Super yummy! I found a diferent bun I found very yummy to use for our sandwiches! We ended up going over to Patricks parents for a quick visit. Helped pull some weight out of the race car! Were 140lbs over weight which is really killing our acceleration on restarts!!! Hopefully this saturday will be better then last weeks 2nd, 3rd and 4th place finish.

Today I'm going to crank the toons and clean house!! Pack up another load of laundry and go and pick up the basket of clean clothes at pats parents. I need to check on my flower beds and cut come grass and set out some patio chairs. (Just in case we end up having a crowd back to the house tonight after dragon boats!)

Hopefully we can have some of our closer friends over tonight for some burgers and brews!!

I would really love to have everyone over as it hasant really worked out to have eveyone over for a bbq yet! No where near warm enough!

I picked up leap year last night and I'm anxious to watch it aswell!! Hopefully it turns into a nice day for me! :)

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Meal plan tuesday

Sorry its a little late but here we go!

Monday- We had Chicken Fettucini Alfredo! With kirkland mixed veg.

Tuesday- Riblet sandwiches. With ceaser salad.

Wednesday- Hopefully bbq burgers and salad with the dragon boat team at our house!!!! With some cold brews!!!

Thursday- Pork chops, spaghetti squash, yellow beans, and fresh veg

Friday- Tacos!!!

On a side note... How does everyone grocery shop? Do you have a set list of ingrediates you always have on hand?? Or do you meal plan and only shop based on that? What sort of dry storage ingrediates do you keep on hand?

Do you shop in bulk or at a regular grocery store?

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

NASCAR Hall of fame is OPEN!!!


Can you tell i'm excited!!! The NASCAR hall of fame is open!!! In a sport dominated by fathers and sons. The hall of fame has opened in Charlotte NC.

Patrick and I are looking to plan a trip down to Charlotte NC to catch a race in the next couple years probally closer to 2 or 3! Maybe a honeymoon????

I'm thinking catch a race, see the hall of fame, check out the roush and hendrix race shops down there!!! I'm excited to head to the south!!!!

I've spent the morning watching the opening live! 3 floors tons of cars, memories, simulators, and a 2010 class of imducties.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Wanting to get a Scotts green lawn!

Patrick and I have decided to tackle our lawns this week :) Our flower beds are looking fantastic and just need some mulch to finish it off!!

Tonight we hit up COSTCO! We purchased a bag of grass seed (21.00 with a 5$ coupon), fertilizer/ turfbuilder (48.99 with a 10$ coupon), garden hose (16.98 with a 5$ coupn and lawn edging(14.89) for our one flower bed tonight!! Plus a package of work socks for Pats boots (12.99. In total we had a purchase of $110.80 Hopefully it will be totally worth it for an awesome looking lawn. The spreader Pats friend just bought and is willing to let us borrow when we need it!

Just a quick note if anyone needs mulch for flower beds 4$ a bag at costco red & black!!! I'm going to go pick up 4 tommorow to finish things off!!!!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Food & drink

Well fellow bloggers I did it!!! I managed to go an entire week bringing my lunch.

Some favorite snacks i've come up with are yogurt with tons of fruit. I got a bag of blue/black/rasp berries! All frozen I love it.

My water consumption is horriable. I hate HATE drinking water. I'm up to 3 bottles a day a couple of glasses at home during the day and a bottle over night. So maybe 6 a day??

Last night I made homemade dumplings which were absolutely delicious! YUMMY!

Now to figure out something for dinner tonight. Patrick finally has a day off tommorow so hes out with his buddies tonight for once....I wont lie i'm a little sad not to have anyone to share dinner with.. Maybe i'll figure out something for myself..

Tommorow we have a yummy mothers day dinner with Pats mom :) Cant wait!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Being driven Squirrely!

So lately Patrick and I have been driven nutty by squirrels. They chewed in through the plastic roof vents. Patrick put a patch on all of these vents untill we redo the roof and put on steel vents! So they chewed back in. I put a live trap upstairs. The country girl in me says put in a few rat traps and be done with it.

So now we have taken 2 out in the live trap and let me go free on the other side on town. Its set again lets see if I get anymore.....

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

D*mn Girl

Wow am I ever proud of myself! I rocked it today!! ROCKED!
I showed up at work today after a sick day yesterday with a hi, how are ya and lets get to work!I rocked it. Just in so many ways!


Squirrels. I feel like the grounds keeper in Caddyshack hunting that gopher. I currently have a baby squirrel upstairs in a live trap that Patrick is going to have to do something about when he gets home!!! Get out of my attic!!!

So yes I need to do some errands today and still turn up that flower bed i've been turning such a blind eye too!

Like they say at the end of the day you just need to go out there do and deliver!