Monday, June 28, 2010

Rhomboid strain

well let me tell you this sucks!!!!

I'm not able to lift anything with my one arm!! I have laundry stacking up and need to get groceries!!!!! Well thank god for an excellent man I have to help me do everything tonight!!!!

Friday, June 25, 2010

stupid stupid stupid me!!!!

Well world. I fucked my shoulder today at work. I spent a good part of the morning at the hospital in the ER. Not impressed all I did was reach a little too far. Then try and lift something heavy. Stupid me.. The worst part... I've done it a million times before... Grrreat. So I just found out i'm spending the next couple weeks restricted limitations on the door. So stop by i'll be the girl trying to smile looking completely out of her element.

So tommorow. I'm starting at 10 am working till 6:30 :( So much for being off at 12:30 in the afternoon...

I also found out the stretched out arm out on side sleeper I am dosant work.. Not with this sore muscle... So still no sleep... Hopefully tonight will be better.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Flowers :)

I really do love flowers :) I have 2 dozen long stemmed roses all cut and looking pretty in my awesome vase in my kitchen! I love my Patrick! Plus my bestie KLang ended up giving me an orchid!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

The bitchy Waiter!

Good Afternoon all!!

I wont lie just woke up from a nap not really awake BUT! I just got a reply from a blog I follow!! The bitchy waiter. If you have ever have worked in food service you will understand this guys blog!!! I emailed him told him I love it and that it was awesome :) PLUS that it should be a book!!! Well now if he ever gets it turned into a book I get a free one!!! Wahoooo

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Money it just makes circles.

Money... It just makes circles...

Yesterday I managed to go shopping and spent 153$ today I most of it back from 1 birthday present. You spend it and it just comes back weather its a paycheck, investments, bonus, gifts, lottery etc. Its great to save but remember its just money.

Work to live Not Live to work.

Its my birthday!!!

Well its my birthday and i'll cry if I want to!!!

Well I have no intention of crying today!!!!

Its been a great day so far!!! I head back to work tommorow and have been having a great couple days off!!! Yesterday I went birthday shopping for myself!!! I managed to get 4 pairs of pants for work. All for under 53$ with tax!!! I love side walk sales!!! I also treated myself to an Olympic hoody and new sheets and some nice comfy socks!! 153$ for 1 days shopping I consider my money well spent!!!

This morning Patrick surprised me with a Wii game i've been wanting!!!I've allready put a couple hours on it and its only 8am!!!! We have dinner planned for tonight and he said i'm getting another gift :)

Anyway! I'm off to the farm! I have some laundry packed up to be done :) (We get the washer dryer at the end of June finally!!!) So i'm off to visit dad for day and have our weekly lunch together!!! Maybe a visit with my aunts and hopefully maybe a quilting lesson??? Maybe??

Happy birthday me!!!!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Finally the dog wrecked something in the house..

My lovely dog finally wrecked something in the house. We left her home today when we went to the cottage. We left late and planned to be home early being gone maybe 5 hours. Well Our lovely dog we left out of the crate in the sunroom.... Yup she clawed the shit out of my beauty of a frosted pannel glass door....

Well If we have been in the House since April 1st this is the only thing she has damaged I consider this good... But she better stay away from my 10 inch floor trim..

Hummm how to fix?? Sandpaper and paint???

Friday, June 11, 2010

Shopping Night!!!

Well its the Rebate cheque time of the year! My 2% back on my executive card I'm going to cash in tonight!!! TV stand and a Wii maybe??? 199 for the stand 149 for the wii! Oh Projection alarm clock.... Costco has one for 19$ I'm trying to figure how to put a shelf in on my side of the bed against the wall... a corner mount one i'm guessing. I think Patrick is getting sick of my rolling over him everytime it goes off at 3am to get up and head to work!!!

All we need is yogurt, cheese, butter and bread. Were well stocked on everything else! Maybe some flour and sugar i've been doing a lot of baking and maybe a set of tin load pans if I can find them cheap.. I'm hopeing to make a bunch of bannana and ruhbarb loaf.

Zellers! I'm hopeing to find some of the long skinny storage boxes that go underneath the bed I'm going to try and put extra sweaters in them and clear out our dressers a bit.

Summer/ Fall 2010 Bucket list

So Christina has inspired me to write down my bucket list for summer 2010!

These were all things that Patrick and I had talked about doing this summer and a few of my own I had in mind!!!

1) Camping trip to Presquile park with Family. *** Planned and booked*** 2nd last weekend of July
2) Camping trip to Tonyas cottage August long weekend!
3) Find the ULITMATE wedding present! My cousin is getting married and it WILL be the wedding of the summer!!! He has told us to eat like kings at the 7 course dinner I love BIG FAT Italion weddings :)
4) Build Front porch. *** Planned its just working it into R&J's schedule and doing the foot work! PS were going with Western Red Cedar and Not ugly effin cheap ass spruce!!!
5) Purchase roller blades and learn how to roller blade i'm going to buy roller blades in the next few nights!!! This is something that i'm hopeing to be able to go and do with the dog every night!!!
6) Road trip to Ktown. Klang is on vaca the 19th and i'm hopeing to meet up with her here in Ptbo then follow her up the 401 to Kingston.
7) Tranny check and tune up/ oil change! ** Need to book and do this ASAP.
8) Stain my shelves and quilt rack i've been putting off forever!!
9) Vaughan Mills shopping trip!!! There is a couple of things I need to go pick up!
10) Depot visitation! Can do at any time just bring steel toes and name badge.
11) Spend some of my vaca back at the cottage.
12) Learn how to water ski.... STARTING on 1ski. Lets cut some wake baby!
13) Get more confident on the wake board! Lets face it i'm still sucky. Its way different then water skiing.
14) Tackle the upstairs bedroom and bath. Were thinking about renting it out during the school year. Private bedroom and bath for 8 months with meals could make us some serious cash to pay down extra on the mortgage.
15) Maybe Maybe Maybe get a puppy? Maybe? I think ones enough for now.. If I dont end up with a serious Sup job come after thanksgiving this is something i'll consider.
16) Be a better person. Big brothers/sisters or girl guides volunteer maybe. The reading tutor program schedule isnt working for me.
17) Learn how to quilt. This is a big one. I'm hopeing I can start making a quilt. My aunt and cousin has made 2 for me and this is a talent i'm hopeing to pick up.
18) Gym membership maybe?? Maybe... I'll see how my devotion to roller blading works out...
19) Rowing coach.. I've been ask a couple of times and turned it down... I really wouldant have a life. As it would take up my afternoon/ evenings BUT I would still have a 3.5 hour window every day to get stuff done after work before practice. Hummmm what to do Must talk to John and Bill.. Thats going back to the whole be a better person bit...
20) Read. I found a novel called the quilt. I'm excited to read it. Apparently I gave to to my grandma when I was younger... my name was in it so it came back to me... :) Miss my grandma. :(

Hopefully now that i've wrote this down I might accomplish it...

Monday, June 7, 2010


Wow so its been a busy few. Days... I'm sure no one out there is reading this nor cares but I think my blog has turned into my kinda diary or something.

Yesterday at work was quite possiably the most busy crazy day I have had since pre open!!! No power blew a transformer. Loaded then unloaded 5 reifer trucks... Time to give myself a little pat on the back. BUT.... NO product loss!!! Way to be team!!! good job!!! Saving us thousands... By the way .. Meyers transport = AWESOME! So needless to say a wack of overtime later I went home slept and went back to work today... I need to remember to eat sometime today.. Living off of coffee and a can of soup for 2 days isnt cutting it.

So yea.. Today was great possiably best purchase ever was a set of French Corning ware for ........ drumroll..... 12.97$ yes a 15 pc set all to my own!!! Less then a dollar per peice!!! STEAL!

Well I'm off for another can of soup a nap and maybe watch Dear John tonight!! Finally!!!


Thursday, June 3, 2010

WOW!! a days notes!

Today has been the end of my 7 day stretch and the start of my weekend!!!

Todays day at work was well.. a day. One of my very good friends was doing a building check. Basically walk around the building and check the doors to make sure they havant been tampered with. Well today when walking the back of the building my dear friend was jumped from behind by 2 young punks. They managed to get at him while hiding in the woods. They took his wallet broke his glasses and ripped his shirt. Hes going to have some pretty bad bruises in the next few days.

What punks. This really put a damper on my day!!! What a shitty thing to happen to such an awesome friend and great guy!! Anyway I hope the police find something. They brought in dogs and forensics.

Anyway It sucks. I hope work pays him back for whatever cash and the value of his things.

On the horizon for the weekend. Cleaning, yardwork, laundry, shopping and dragon boats and burgers and brews after with the team.