Monday, April 18, 2011


Well blogger world.

I can honestly say i've been pretty busy the last little while. All the wedding planning has come together really well. We had an inital concept of what we wanted and it just keeps finding a way of becoming bigger and better.

But a couple of weeks ago I had my first wedding nightmare. At no point in our wedding planning have I felt stressed its been a VERY fun project to take on.

But it started. I was dreaming and it turned into a full fledged nightmare. The dress I ordered came in and it was a different dress. Not even one I tried on just one I saw on TV and liked. Then the veil came in and it was one of the super long 29 ft ones. But it had the trim of one that I had always thought I would wear in my head. Nothing like the one I ordered. I woke up shaking my head not upset but felt like I had just had the worst nightmare ever.

Last night I had the second one.

The flowers. Our flowers are very plain. Very plain. No flowers as centrepeices just as bouquets which are VERY detailed and the boots and wristlets for certain people. In my dream I was at my cousins house getting ready and I got the call nothing was labeled. The moms got the wrong colored ones. Some were missing. It was all bad.

The funny part is... Our flowers are all done and ordered. It has to be finalized and a couple additional more wristlets to be added but thats nothing.

So tell me blogger world.. WHY am I having nightmares. I'm not stressed so whats the deal. ???

Anyone want to comment on this one ? Ideas?

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