Saturday, April 2, 2011

Tax Season

So Pat and I fired off our taxes last week. With the first time homebuyers tax credit Pat and I are looking at getting back almost 1400$. Thank you gov't of Canada.

So were planning on socking that away into the bank account. We bought new tires for the Jeep last month so that will kinda jack the bank account up a little more.

Were planning some renos to the house for this year. The bathroom downstairs is going under the knife. New shower and maybe a new vanity. The shower stall for sure. Maybe a facelift with new paint and tile ?

The backroom/ sunroom/ mudroom is also going under the knife. Were adding a duct of hot air out there. New windows, dry walling and changing the layout. giving me a bigger closet and better storage for things about the washer and dryer and doors to "hid" it.

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